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that was interesting… especially the one where the disabled person crushed the car.

That was hilarious

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Meh, it was okay.
(Gila, I love your avatar.)

Pancake dog XD

All the yes’ and no’s…confused…

Loved it. Bookmarked.

I like.
Now I’ll certainly get my drivers lisence.

Amusing, but I guess it’d be better to look at such things using a computer with working sound. =P

I love the kid on the bike passing the car going 30 and then eating it raw.

And there we have the difference between driving before you’ve passed your test, and driving after you’ve passed your test.

YES! NO! That’s whaat I say to your mother evry night. :wave: :too bad; p:unch::

Now why don’t they show that at Drivers Ed anywhere?

Ha ha… Great.