YES! It looks like a no!

Not all votes have been counted yet, but pretty much. And it looks like the the No side of the euro vote will win with at least 15%. Finally, a step forwards for our integrity again.

Why don’t I like the idea of the monitary union? Because prices HAVE shot higher in the countries that have entered it, despite whatever all the Yes politicians have said about it. And it would have cost us about 45 billion Swedish crowns to rework the currency, all the bureaucracy. We’re already in debt, school’s are screaming for mercy and the hospitals are on their knees. One wonders why we suddenly would have been able to pay that much. :stuck_out_tongue:

Now, there’s just one problem. When we have a public vote, it’s not binding, it’s a proposal to the goverment. So if our dear prime minister manages to press his fellows enough, we might get there anyway -_- As they did forty years ago about the right hand traffic, the people said that left was just fine.

Everybody should drive on the same side of the road, because people who go to other countries go nuts when they have to drive on the other side. I know I would…

The euro had its heart in the right place, but nobody thought long and hard about how difficult it would be to execute something like that. Nobody has the resources to pull off such a thing without massive economic loss. That, and many people are stubborn assholes that won’t change ever.

And people should all drive on the same side of the road. It would be risky for me to go anywhere where they drive on the other side; I’d probably end up killing everyone in that country through a massive series of driving mishaps thanks to the change in perspective.

Yeah, I agree with the driving thing, I wouldn’t dare going to England ^^;; Was just an example.
I’d write down a Norweigan joke about that, but I never liked those. Nul, if you know what I mean, write it down as a Swede joke instead, will ya? chuckles

At least you’re getting to state your say, Weiila --’ The way Blair’s going, we’re not even going to be allowed that much. He’s going to sell Britain out, and not even ask us our opinion beforehand ><

Blair’s an asscock.

<img src=“”> Yeah, prices here have shot up at least 50%, even 100% in some cases. I’m pro-Euro though. As much as I hate the way this is currently affecting the economy, I think that in the long run Europe will benefit from it. And it gives the USD some competition.

I don’t understand how it caused inflation.

There’s always going to be a period of economic instability every time a new currency is introduced, while the market gradually regains its balance.

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Blair’s an asscock.

Why is he an asscock? Simple, he went along being Bush’s bitch and because of that there are people out there now who think the English are butchers, therefore he is an asscock.

Quoting you means that she agrees :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yeah, I agree with the driving thing, I wouldn’t dare going to England ^^;;

And I wouldn’t dare go to Sweden. ^__-

I’m against it personally. I don’t understand all of the arguments behind it, but it just seems like another unnecessary burden on the countries involved to switch over.

I know. I’m just backing up my arguement for those that DON’T agree.

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Quoting you means that he agrees :stuck_out_tongue:



Reworking the currency is expensive, and things will be more expensive after changing it. Good reasons for keeping the current one. But someday the change will be necessary, and the longer it takes for the process to begin, the more it will cost and the more prices will rise.

Euro is one of the most steady currencies nowadays, and is accepeted in almost all countries in EU. If you don’t change from crowns to Euro, you won’t have the safety of high steadiness and someday currency exchange costs may suffocate the trade with other nations. You save a lot when you trade with another nation by the same currency.

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stabs [/b]

Sorry, I look at people’s avatars first, which is sometimes I call Dai and Flint she :stuck_out_tongue:

Swedes drive on the right side of teh roads? Well when I visit, that’s one less problem for me… heee…

I’m for the Euro. It maybe hard now, but it will strengthen Europe in the long run. It wasn’t too different in America when America first began, America was basically the same as the EU and look how America turned out prior to Bush. It was probably harder for America since America was just starting and fought a hard war against the most powerful nation in the world. Europe isn’t fighting a massive war so it is going to eb easier (key part “er”, it’ll still be difficult). However, it’ll be much better in the long run. America is lucky in that America’s currency is accepted and wanted everywhere so we don’t really have any problems worldwide and especially with our neighbors about using it without exchanging it for the native currency. I know I rambled on a bit, but absically, it might eb ahrd now and you may not like it, but it’ll be better in the long run. Besides, most of the problems seem to be occuring in nations where their currency wasn’t worth too much to start off with; the Euro will eventually correct that, maybe not in a year or two, but eventually.

Well, it turned out as a No, and Göran Person (Prime Minister) humbly declared that he would think of this and keep working with the result, but the goverment has promised not to go against the will of the people.

The American people were already in the same boat when you became a country; the search for better lives, all in a new and unknown country, the war against England. Europe is different, we have been our own countries for as long as anybody can remember, and unions have a history of not working here. The basic idea with the EU when it was born was to tie up France and Germany with so many trading links that they wouldn’t ever be able to declare war on each other again which is a wonderful thought, but it’s not good when it grows and becomes ruling instead of trading, in my opinion.