Yes! I found a copy of ChronoCross!

I’d been looking around for about a month or two now for a copy of one and was considering using ebay, despite the shippingfees and such. I went to see the movie “The Longest Yard” and stopped by Gamestop afterward. Lo-and-behold a copy of ChronoCross. What Luck! :ah-ha!:

Anyway, I guess this will later become the “Help me with ChronoCross because even this early in the game I can see it may be more challenging than Final Fantasy” thread.

I’m off! To the bat cave!..Wait, wrong saying…To the Playstation! :runaway:

Should’ve picked up a bottle of Tylenol while you were out. :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s not a good thing Trk :P. It really isn’t. CC is godawful

IF you want a good challenging RPG, get DW7.

Chrono Cross is a good game. Good luck with it (the shrine here for the game is actually helpful too :O)

Don’t listen to Sin, I loved it. And you shouldn’t have any trouble, there’s like three sorta hard battles in the entire game.

I like SK’s review of the game. Trk should’ve read it before wasting his money on it.

I don’t mind that. I’m more in it for storyline and game length any way.
I just assumed it might be harder in that any of the FF’s I’ve played, I never had to even think to continue the plot, just follow someone around. In the beginning of this game, you have to figure some stuff out-like how the battle screen works. It tells you later, but not until you’re a few minutes in(and you’ve already encountered monsters and figured it out already).

The only thing I liked about that game, was the intro song. Scars of Time, I believe?

The story is awful, its not a strongpoint in CC :P. Its one of its weakpoints. And in FFX you do have to think. Puzzles anyone? The vast majority of RPGs are straightforward and your stereotyping and oversimplification of FF shows your lack of exposure or narrrowmindedness.

I was just talking about the very beginning. In all the FF’s I’ve ever played, the beginning of the game is more of an introduction, with no threats of attack and a general guidance (FF7 is to follow Barret from the train, ff8 is to meet Quistis, ffx is to go to the blitzball game). This just put you into some sort of building and didn’t tell you anything on where to go. I was only basing my opinion on that. That first five minutes. That’s as far as I gotten before I was told to get off to eat dinner, followed by posting this here before continuing on the game.

EDIT: The music too. Can’t forget the music.

Just for the record, the first half hour killed it for me… I dunno… just wasn’t my style…

I’ll stick with Trigger, thank you <.< >.>

Trigger kicked arse!
I will never let it down that Cross killed it all… I never liked that game at all; but maybe only because I am such a traditionalist… haha, either way, I never enjoyed it as much as many other RPGs (FF6/7, CT etc.)

Story-line = crap.
Game length = good n.n - but still not the best.


And the Another World theme. That song makes me sad when I hear it.

Sin, it’s not quite fair to unambiguously bash CC just because you didn’t like it, because there are plenty of people who did like it. Same way I wouldn’t bash XG despite my own misgivings, because I know there are other people who liked it; so claiming that “you will not like this game” is simply not true. It’s fine to say what you didn’t like about it, but you can’t say that anyone will automatically be “wasting their money” if they buy it, because many people didn’t.

Chrono Cross isn’t that hard. You can run from any battle, including boss fights, so if something doesn’t go your way, you can just bail out, heal, and rethink your strategy without losing anything. The final boss can be a little tricky if you want the best ending, and also there’s a battle about midway through the game (against Miguel) that’s pretty hard, but that’s about it, I think.

I really enjoyed Chrono Cross. However, I don’t understand how you had such a hard time finding it; it’s still in print. Most game stores get new copies of it for $14.99 (USD) pretty often.

Sorry, SK, but, much like your FFVII review, I have to disagree with your review of Chrono Cross as well. Of course, that’s the good thing about opinions, we can all disagree with each other.

(actually, I’m kinda in Cid’s camp; I like CC, and I don’t really like XG)

I love that game, even if it was a slight spin-off on the CT theme.

The characters were interesting, and it gave you alot of variety, even if you only use those select few. I mean, come on; Serge, Guile, and Glenn in a party is great, but ever try Draggy, Peire(SP?), and Mel?

Somebody mentioned the intro music. That was instantly one of my favorite songs.

Yes, the theme was Scars of Time, one of Mitsuda’s best works IMO. Like Amon said, the number of characters is much higher than the ones you’ll ever use. Personally, my teams were mostly made of Serge, Kid, Fargo, Karsh and Glenn.

Oh, come on. You have to throw in a magic user like Guile or Riddel, too. Just for the sake of balance, which actually has no real effect in CC like it does in CT.

Why would I want a magic user? They hit less than the others and just do slightly more damage with Elements.