Ye who enters, leave all hope behind...

Children’s movies? Sure.

Children’s movies from the 80’s? Nostalgia!

Children’s cartoon movies from the 80’s made live-action, in the 80’s, with people in huge, scary costumes? Uhm…

Rainbow Brite is supposed to be cute, dammit!

Now excuse me, I need some heavy therapy… ::dekar!::

Holy crap!!!

Thats like making a movie with Teddy Ruxpin running around killing people.

The only reason I can’t truthfully call this the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen is because I just caught my cat eating matches.
… And I’m amused more by this than much else up to that point. :smiley:

You think that was bad Weiila, then you haven’t looked at the horror that is “Worst Witch”, which also found on that site.

You haven’t lived until you see Tim Curry star as a Grand Wizard who sings for ten minutes while lame video effects happen.

They show The Worst Witch (new series - DODGY, even more so, rip) at 5:30 every Thursday here.


I have seen Worst Witch before…I don’t think there’s anything else I need to say about the experience.

“Worst” in more ways than one, huh? :3

I had my nephew over at the house the other day, and he was watching it. I thought it was some Harry Potter reject.

I think I’m gonna… … BLARGH! throws up

Some great kids movies came from the 80s too. Anyone saw Maze or Labyinth or something?

That giant costume head was freaky. She was like the bride of Chucky!

<3 Labyrinth, that was one of my favorite movies when i was a kid, still good today. I kinda liked the worst witch movie >_>; and tim curry’s weirdo song with the lame fx.

Weilla you ruined my childhood, i should read the corresponding article sometime >_>;

I’m scared…
Mmm, 80’s. Fraggle Rock and Gummie Bears!

Not to mention He-Man. Exactly how old is that stuff anyway?

Hmm? What’s this about He-Man?

Oooh the Labyrinth! “Smack that baby and make him free!”

That’s not as bad as Loonatics, but it’s still bad. O.o

I like it.

That beast will haunt my dreams.

Damn… you beat me to the sig :frowning: