Another computer help thread :smiley:

My sound is all screwed up; I don’t know if it’s because of the speakers or because of the settings. However, when I play a video file, the music plays perfectly (most of the time), but the speech tends to be really, really quiet and sort of robotic or warped-sounding.

I use SB Live! A800.

Do you have any of the software that came with it installed?
I’d like to blame that.

I’d like to do that too, but the configurations for it hasn’t changed. I don’t think it came with any software.

Try and reinstall the drivers.
Or upgrade them. Whichever you’d like.

Didn’t work. It might be a speaker problem then. I remember that once the sound went all weird, but I turned the spaker off and then turned it back on and it was fixed. This was a while ago, though.