I find something inherently wrong with just releasing straight ports of 15 year old games on a new system, then charging the price of a normal game for it. Though it is kind of neat.

I thought it was only 20 bucks per game.

Oh, my bad. Still, that’s pretty damn expensive for one 15 year old game that’s been included as a free minigame all over the place.

At least they have ‘Ice Climbers’.
Not worth a cookie!

That would be cool if I didn’t have access to the internet. As it happens I do. Therefore not so cool. They shoulda bundled them all together in a box, instead of seperate. :\

That Gameboy Advance SP is fuckin’ awesome though.

Yeah, I agree. They should NOT release individual NES games on the GBA. They could just as easaly stuck 3 or 4 or them on one cart.

3 or 4? A NES game is like 40 kb, I’ve downloaded GBA roms that are 32 MB.

If I wanted your views on video game releasing, I’d beat it out of you.

Now now Charle, there’s no reason to resort to threats of bodily violence <strike>just yet</strike>

If I wanted your views on my beating the views of video game releasing out of Tenchimaru Draconis… I’d BEAT THEM OUT OF YOU TOO!

looks at SP design

looks at NES controller

overwhelming wave of childhood nostalgia ^^

I’m gonna totally take back my jet black one and get that one.