YAY! The internet gods has smiled upon me :D

And you wanna know why?

I just found LOOM again. XD

For those of you who have never played it, it is an old game by Lucasarts.
It’s got really great graphics for being so old, it has very innovative and original gameplay (there’s no inventory or commands, everything is done by playing the correct 4 notes to get an effect) and all who has played The Secret of Monkey Island will probably have heard of it from the guy with the “Ask me about LOOM” pin. :stuck_out_tongue:

I really recommend that you try this game if you get an opportunity to.
(But you’d probably have to check aroud a while because it’s about 10 years old.)

Ah… you lucky dog, poke.

I may see if Lucasarts still has a copy. They are very good about having those classics for sale, though they tend to be a tad overpriced.

I should get around to playing that game: I found it a couple of months ago, during the period when I hunted out old Lucas Arts games.
And I think it would be alright to link to it: It has been abandonware the last seven years or so.

This is where I found it:


(It’s a message at some forum or something with a link to the game and some necesarry patches…)

Yeah, I remember that crazy guy talking about Loom. Gotta get it.

Speaking of Lucas Games… Some people say that Afterlife is not abandonware yet, and still up to now I only found a single online shop that sells it, and only has 4 copies left. LucasGames online shop doesn’t sell it anymore. Can it be considered abandonware? I can’t find the game anywhere for download, not even in Kazaa, and this is sad since it was a kick-ass game. I still curse myself for having broken my AL CD…

never mind the fakeCD…
It didn’t work for some reason :frowning:
(And I know that I didn’t mess anything up, I know exactly how the program works…)

Oh well, apparently the game works if you just have any cd at all in your cdrom drive so that’s a lot easier. :stuck_out_tongue:

Would this be the really old Lucasarts loom, or the newer version Lucasarts made with updated graphics and junk?

what is loom, anyway?