YAY! My first petition online!


Spread the news to your friends. We will be heard.

Heh, I’d almost forgotten about that show. Guess I’ll sign.

Dude, Jim Henson died about a little over a decade ago. His son, Brian is now the boss uh i think?
I’m number 2 yay… uh wait a minute!

Jim Henson is dead. It was a good show- but it’s also good it died when it did.

Also- the show finale uh… made it certain that there wouldn’t be any more episodes. They kinda all died. =p

Loki: you know, that thing about an end that prevents new episodes from being made mostly ins’t taken too seriously by people.

I mourn for Jim. I know I’m late in this mourning, but anyways…

And good news for the signers. I got Spam Corporat… Er…, I mean, some people from <A HREF=“http://www.go-gaia.com/index.php?referral=21557” target="_new">Gaia Online</A> to sign it too. The actual link for the thread is here.

uh Suckitude, anyone ever watched the Muppets Tonight show? it was on sometime mid to late 90’s. I’m not talking about the old school Muppet show, but that was cool too. Anyone watched the Muppet from space movie or whatever it was titled?
“i’m not a shrimp, I’m a king prawn!”

I loooooooooooved the muppets! Specially the toon “Muppet babies” and that Movie with them in the treasure island!!! :yipee: :yipee: :get it?:

Muppets were alway fun to watch ^^. I kinda miss the muppets tonight show.:too bad;

I remember muppet babies when i was in pre school, the simple life wahhhhhh. I had at least one muppet babies book, it had some pictures that certain parts glowed in the dark wooo! I still have a baby miss piggy one with a christmas bonnet or something, i don’t know where her christmas dress is doh and another one in a baby outfit ^ _ ^ I’m told i brought my miss piggy everywhere when i was little.

I’ve still got some of my old muppet babies dolls I had when I was like 4. :hahaha;

Any petition that begins with http:// never goes anywhere or does anything useful.

Dinosaurs. Wee.

Dinosaurs sucked

OK signed. I do remember dinosaurs from a long time ago, I wasn’t big on it but it was entertainment.

That showed used to scare the shit out of me.

I wanna start an online petition to get Pangaea back together.

I signed twice. That show rocked! I had the “I’m the baby, gottal love me” song in my head for weeks!