yay jesus

These fuckers sound like the Boondock Saints on jesus

Um… wow. Rather frightening, really.

One of the news networks (I want to say ABC, but I’m not sure) did a piece on this a couple months ago. These people should be shot in the head.

It won’t load for me, but i’m guessing thats the part where the British-Anarchist has them smashing cups that say “government”? Thats pretty much the most fucked up part of the whole movie, but honestly, the feeling you get when you watch the whole thing is that the kids aren’t really into it. Whenever they talk to a kid alone, or they ask a kid what he’s thinking, none of them really give the party line…and you can tell they’re already starting to rebel against their psycho parents who force them into this ultra church-oriented life. The kid with the the Reese’s shirt in that clip is pretty much the only one in the whole movie who actually believes in jesus, and towards the end you get the feeling he only loves the church because it adds a rhythm to his otherwise boring home-schooled life. The rest of the kids aren’t “jesus-freaks” so much as they’re depressing children with overbearing parents who use the church to keep control over their kids.

The little girl who cries after she breaks the cup isn’t even allowed to leave <i>her room</i> without her mom watching her.

I’m always entertained when people like this believe the bullshit they’re spouting/having spouted at them. There’s faith, then there’s just plain fucking stupidity.

That was pretty fucked up and sick. Didn’t Jesus preach about love and peace? Yet, here they are talking about war and rebellion.

Reminded me kinda of zombies…

Yeah, but that never stopped the KKK either.

I’m pretty sure the bible mentions that cups are evil. That’s why we drink out of the carton.