Yay its my b-day

:yipee: :yipee: :yipee: :yipee: Yay its my b-day
saddly i dont have anything planned though
oh well happy b-day to me!


A Mr. Smilie would have been here, put they’re busy with their next theatrical performance: Mr. Smilie Longstockings.

Happy birthday :slight_smile:

Enjoy your day! You’re like me I don’t usually have anything planned on my birthday either.

Happy Birthday!

does the happy birthday dance

There is a thread with free-for-all caik already, you know…

whoops i forget to mention
FREE bombs to evey one who posts here :smiley:
thanks all :yipee:

Originally posted by Weiila
Happy birthday :slight_smile:

Okay, this is a post! Where’s my bomb!?

Zeeky boogy doog!

<img src=“http://firstreality.keenspace.com/images/Nuke.gif” align=center> BLING BLING

Yep, that’d be it …

Erghh… Birthdays… getting older… argh!

Oh, and happy birthday! Now gimme the bomb!!

Takes a bomb and goes away

Well happy birthday, if it was MY birthday, (and my parents would actually acknowledge it) I would go out and play Desert combat.

merry christmas!


Gemini: ¡Feliz Cumpleaños!
Joey: Wow. You know español?
Gemini: English, español, and soon to be français.
Bomb: BOOM!
Bomb blows up
Gemini: Why did a bomb blow up?
Joey: People want bombs.
Strong Sad: People get bombs for their birthdays? I usually get locked in the bathtub.
Joey: Someone’s about to get a birthday present.
Bomb blows up with a bigga explosion

Anyways, Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday. Now where’s the caik?

Happy birthday!

What kind of caik? Caik is good.:cool:

hands Sonic a shoe


Does anyone use the “happy birthday thread?”

Anyway, happy birthday!:cool:

Originally posted by Devillion
Does anyone use the “happy birthday thread?”

[raises his hand]

Happy Birthday dude