Yay for shovelling Mud!

I work at Mataguay and I had to shovel mud!
Yeah, After digging out a couple houses this past Monday and Tuesday(the 8th and 9th), I’m a little sore. It wouldn’t have been bad, except that I had to work from 7am until 530pm, then shovel mud until about 9pm…two days in a row.

Someone should develop some kind of solvent that would turn all the mud into something as thin as water, so people could get rid of it more easily.

Sure, let’s create something that will melt the Earth.

Hm. That sounds like a good idea. How hard do you think it would be to melt said “Earth”?

While we’re at it, lets make some Ice-9 too.

This looks like a bountiful harvest for Kor

And fine raw materal for Fox.

And a fine battleground to set up a catfight arena. Mudfight!!!