Yay for me!

I got a new car today. It’s a new 2007 Honda Civic LX. It is pretty sweet and I’m loving it. Pictures will follow tomorrow. For those of you that have seen my old one, I’m sure you’ll agree that I was long overdue for a new one. My old one was a 1987 Toyota Corolla. I went with the Honda since it has a little more power and it looks cooler. I still have my old one though, but I need to decide what to do with it.

Good for you Info. Enjoy!

Honda Civic? You gonna trick that bitch out with neon lights and spinners?

Originally Posted by Rinn
Honda Civic? You gonna trick that bitch out with neon lights and spinners?

And a speaker set to share your muzak with the entire Zip Code.

If the subwoofer does not compose at least a third of the car’s total mass, then you’re doing something wrong!

Of course! I’m gonna have a TV in the middle of my steering wheel and have more speakers than my ride can handle.

Nah, I’m gonna leave it the way it is. However, as embarassed as I am to say this, I sort of like the idea of neon lights (blue) for my car. I think it would be pretty cool at night.

That’s hilarious - that’s exactly the car I just bought a few months ago. It is pretty nice; the gas mileage is excellent and it has a lot of neat features, including iPod connectivity and CD-MP3 playing for the audiophiles. The only thing that remotely bugs me about it is the fact that the seats are relatively hard, and you feel almost every bump on the road (at least more than the last car I drove, which was a 2001 Camry).

Sporty suspension does a car good - Opel Astra '99 driver, Mabatsekker

Heh, same car as me, although mine is a 2006…>_>

The only thing about mine that remotely bugs me is the dent that mysteriously appeared when I was parked at the mall during Thanksgiving break. >_<

Don’t forget the huge spoiler. You must have that.

Does it have a bumblebee muffler?

Nice, man. One of my friends has an older Civic, and it’s held up much better than it should have, the way she drives. They seem reliable and pretty cool.

Don’t be embarassed about the neon lights on your car thing. Neon lights are cool everywhere.

Holy fuck, everyone’s getting either a honda or a toyota :stuck_out_tongue:

ASDF <!-- oh god why -->

cheap as fuck and pretty easy on gas. Go figure.

That looks awesome, Nick. …while we’re at it, I’m gonna show off my car.

<img src=“http://www.rpgclassics.com/staff/crotanks/mycar.JPG”>

edit: btw… how much did that cost you? (seriously, that fucker is nice)

Thanks Crotanks, and might add that yours is quite sporty, I bet it goes pretty fast.

It was about $19500 after tax and licensing.

I think it registers about 130 mph. Not sure though. Shit, thats not a bad price. Hope you enjoy it after all of that military work :slight_smile: