yay! Drakengard finally arived!

Thanks RPGC for another contest won by yours truely. but this game kind of sucks.

It’s free. So shut up, and eat your damn lemons.

You should write a review for RPGC then.

I thought only SK did that?

Sell it to me at half the store price.

I already wrote my review, as you can read above.


But it’s good that you won though.

I wouldnt say I won, I’d say everyone else lost.

We’re all winners. Charlemagne won the game, and we win because we listen to his complaining.

Just be happy you didn’t pay for it.

But Drakengard has Dragons!

Draaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagons! Mustbeagoodgamethen.

Exactly! Be thankful. If you don’t like it you could always give it to me, biatch. <_<

The contest was for april fools… and its now the middle of june, where the hell was it sent from, the moon? I’d sell it or put it on ebay since you say it wasn’t good.

Congratulations, you won a very angsty game that wallows in its own puddle of angst, and oozes angst out of your PS2, and will make your PS2 very very ANGSTY.


He said angsty alot, not shitacular.

One does not exclude the other.


glad you got it Charle. Sorry about the delay, I was bouncing around from home and school for a while.