Yay, comp fixed!

After a long weekend away from my computer, and an all nighter involving gwscan and a keg, my computer finally works! no more jacked up windows wierdness (for now).

Welcome back!

So now people are making ‘welcome back’ threads when they were away for a WEEKEND?

I meant this as a follow up to last week’s “fucked up computer issue”. I didn’t feel like getting bitched at for necroposting so I made a new topic.

Have a cookie!

I was kidding. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, PC problems are always evil. Luckily I’ve never had anything bad enough happen to warrent a reformat. Yet.

you have no idea how hard it can be trying to get some of the drivers working when you have no documentation even telling you what anything is. It took quite a while to find a video driver that works. RPGC in 640x480x16 isn’t a fun place to be… its all spotty and blurry and stuff.

It makes me ill!

Big Nutter

RPGC in 640x480x16 in Tutti Frutti theme!

My eyes hurt at the very mention.
Damn you!

that sounds painful. Do any of you know of a reliable S3 Trio3D (366) video driver? The one I have isn’t quite right.