Yay astronomy!

A few hours ago I saw something in the sky that I had never seen before. It looked exactly like a star, but it was moving. At first I thought it was an airplane, but it was moving too fast to be one. It was also too slow and lasting to be a shooting star. Now, I’m not the kind of person who goes ‘OMG Flying Saucer!’, so after it disappeared I went into Heavens Above and checked for what I thought it was.

It was the first time in my life I’ve seen a satellite flyby. It was the Okean, from Cazakhistan.

Living in a big city sucks when it comes to skygazing because the city lights outshine a lot of beautiful things. I just lucked that there was a satellite shining bright enough to overcome the light pollution.

Oh, and when I checked at Heavens Above I found a list of a dozen or so satellites which I’ll be able to see with binoculars in the next hours. Yay ^^

I’ve only ever seen air balloons… but it’s cool! - and sorta freaky at the same time… haha.


You know… its been a while since I went stargazing… I might do so for at least a couple minutes later tonight… morning is breaking now so too late over here.

Two good things about Ohio:
The Stars
The Sunsets

I can’t say I’ve ever seen a satellite.

I’ve seen about three sattelite flybys. They’re cool, especially when you know what they are and everyone else doesn’t and panics and screams ufo.

I haven’t done stargazing in a while.Stars are beautiful to look at but where I live we dont get many stars sigh

I live in the middle of a city so I can see like 10 stars total. It sucks.

And at night, sometimes the sky is pink. Its pretty frigging gross.


No lie!

Its not bright pink, more like an ugly pink tinge.

And it stays that way all night.

I’ll have to take a picture some time.

Lung cancer, here I come!

Ren, this could be interesting to observe under the right conditions (clear sky):

You might remember another encounter with Mars, about two years ago, on August 27, 2003. That was the closest in recorded history, by a whisker, and millions of people watched as the distance between Mars and Earth shrunk to 56 million km. This October’s encounter, at 69 million km, is similar. To casual observers, Mars will seem about as bright and beautiful in 2005 as it was in 2003.

Although closest approach is still months away, Mars is already conspicuous in the early morning. Before the sun comes up, it’s the brightest object in the eastern sky, really eye-catching. If you have a telescope, even a small one, point it at Mars. You can see the bright icy South Polar Cap and strange dark markings on the planet’s surface.

Yeah, that’s awesome! :cool:

Whomever created that hoax in that link is too stupid to be true. Mars Attacks is closer to reality than that. As for the real thing, in the quote: yay ^^ I’m going to an observatory by that time. Thank you very much for the info!