Yatta! Victoly! A winner is me! Etc etc etc.

I just got myself a metric assload of new games, and I’m happy about it, so I’m going to tell everyone. You all probobly don’t care, but meh, whatever. :hahaha;

A few days ago, I went to Eb and I bought myself Lost Kingdoms 2, Wild ARMs 3 and Star Ocean 2, and the day after that, I ordered SaGa Frontier 1 and 2 and Wild ARMs 2. Seeing as I aquired WA1 some time back, this is a good thing. I got SF1 today, and should get SF2 and WA2 in a few days.
And on another note, at the local pawn shop, I found a copy of Metal Gear Solid in good condition for five bucks, and a friend of mine had been bugging me to play it for awhile, so I got it.
I also got a new PSX memory card, also five bucks.

So, all in all, it’s been a pretty good week. :yipee:

Oh, and a note on Lost Kingdoms 2: It blows the first one out of the water in SO many ways. :slight_smile:

Uh, care to tell us what the whole cabootle cost altogether?

Go you! The SF games kick ass, I didn’t enjoy Wild ARMs 2, Star Ocean 2 was cool, but I playing to many other games to do much with it, and I haven’t played most of the other games.

Originally posted by Gamer5389
Uh, care to tell us what the whole cabootle cost altogether?

About 150 dollars. I have a good amout of money saved, and I hadn’t been able to spend it for quite awhile. :hahaha;

And BTW, all things considered, that’s a pretty good price.

Whoo, go you! SF1, 2, and WA2 Are some of the best games I’ve played!

Here’s hoping I get a job. then I’ll ahve nice games too!

WA2 is plain awesome. I haven’t played either SF, sadly, which makes me sad… that’s why I said sadly.

You haven’t played it? Just look for a rom or something [/off topic]

Nice price.

I don’t have a PS emulator, dude… Are there even any?

<img src=“http://www.rpgclassics.com/staff/tenchimaru/td.gif”> http://www.espxe.com

Yep, I found that out.

I…hate you. :frowning:

Isos are too much trouble, DirectConnect refuses to work for me.

Nice and shiny! How 'bout you send them to me?

Argh… some people have the money, but not the release zone (I.E, The NA) for games >_<

Heh, I buy games and books, and if there’s anything left, I get food, clothing, etc. Congrats on getting a new stash o’ heaven. :slight_smile:

/me needs job >_<

I buy very little. The first thing I did with my freedom to drive, after returning a book that I had bought damaged, was stay home.

…wouldn’t that make staying home the SECOND thing you did?

You’re too rich: Can I have some of your wealth?

Sure! guves Nulani a cookie

And the best part is, after all that I still have almost another 150-200 bucks saved. :hahaha;