Yar Wars - Story Mode

Howdy, y’all. I figured I’d try making another fanfic. This time, based on the “story mode” of a hypothetical and highly doubtful fanfic. Here’s the list of characters.
[li]Morrigan Aensland (Vampire Savior - Succubus)
[/li]A demon from Makai. Wishes to regain that errant part of her soul and become whole again.
Weapon: Arsenal
Fighting style: Shotokan Variation/High-Powered Weaponry.
[li]Link (Legend of Zelda - Hyrule Swordsman)
[/li]The Hero of Time. Wishes to regain the Triforce and return it to Hyrule.
Weapon: Master Sword
Fighting style: SSBM Adult Link.
[li]Mufini (Original - Catgirl Samurai)
[/li]A catgirl from a village in Japan. Wishes to destroy all demons as revenge for her hometown’s destruction.
Weapon: Spear
Fighting style: Felicia plus Hsien-Ko plus Bishamon.
[li]Dalton (Chrono Trigger - Idiotic Magician)
[/li]Self-proclaimed ruler of Zeal. Wishes to conquer the rest of the world, too.
Weapon: Guns
Fighting style: Not very agile; relies on excessive magic to attack.
[li]Lilith (Vampire Savior - Young Succubus)
[/li]Formed from an errant part of Morrigan’s soul. Wishes for a body of her own.
Weapon: Her own body
Fighting style: Morrigan Variation/Cuteness
[li]Sesshoumaru (InuYasha - Demon Dog)
[/li]Older half-brother of InuYasha. Wishes to obtain the ultimate weapon with which to defeat InuYasha and/or the demon Naraku.
Weapon: Demon sword Toukijin.
Fighting style: John Talbain got a hold of Donovan’s sword.
[li]Sera (Original - Reploid Soldier)
[/li]Built as a soldier; now seeks her own worth. Wishes to make as much money as she can from hunting demons.
Weapon: Plasma handgun/beamsaber.
Fighting Style: SvC Chaos Zero without his spear or Cyber Elves.
[li]Dynamo (MegaMan X5 - Easygoing Bounty Hunter)
[/li]Nearly everything he does is motivated either by fun or money. Wishes for fame and fortune.
Weapon: Dual-bladed beamsaber.
Fighting style: Multi-elemental weaponry.
[li]Magus (Chrono Triger - Dark Mage)
[/li]Searching for his long-lost sister Schala. Wishes for Ultimate Power if he can get his hands on it, as well.
Weapon: Scythe.
Fighting Style: M.Bison variation with magic.
[li]Zio (Phantasy Star 4 - Black Wizard)
[/li]Evil priest of Dark Force. Wishes for nothing other than complete and utter destruction – like Kefka, except badass instead of funny.
Weapon: Magic.
Fighting Style: MvC Onslaught’s first form.
[li]Dizzy (Guilty Gear X - Innocent Gear)
[/li]Half-human, half-gear; running around this univers in fear for her life. Wants nothing more than peace.
Weapon: Her wings and tail.
Fighting Style: Her wings and tail (and occasionally arms and legs) morph into weapons.
[li]Yar Kramer (Guess)
[/li]Easygoing wiseguy; offers occasional sage advice to the people after the Triforce. Doesn’t have any wish in particular.
Weapon: Plasma Saber
Fighting Style: Shotokan but with better reach (given his saber).

But before I begin, which character do people want to see first? Zio, Dizzy, and Magus are off-limits on the basis that they’re ridiculously powerful – you unlock 'em by beating the game once – and Yar’s off-limits for two playthroughs cuz he’s got so much plot.

Dynamo and Sesshoumaru.

Lilith and Sesshoumaru

Morrigan and Dalton.

Link x Morrigan.

link vs mufini. :moogle:

Dynamo and Seshommaru

Uh, actually, I should’ve been more clear. You pick one character, and they go through the whole “game”, battling each other character in succession. That’s right – counting Falz (the last boss in most cases), there’s gonna be 144 battles. Oh, and I added a Character Select theme.

:ulty: What’s the plot? Or is it gonna be like MvC2, in which the plot is “Plot? What plot?”

The plot is that the Triforce has shown up for no adequately explored reason, in addition to a bunch of other guys, who are now fighting to get to it. It is guarded by a shadow being called Falz, who transforms into whoever faces it. If you beat the Falz, you can make a wish to the Triforce, which will summarily be granted. So … so far, the maximum number of votes for each character is “2.”

could i be a hidden character?

and i vote for link. :moogle:

In that case, Dalton.

No, Cait Sith, you can’t. Apart from anything else, it would screw with the Story Mode. Okay … so far …

Morrigan: 1
Lilith: 1
Link: 2
Dynamo: 2
Dalton: 1
Sesshoumaru: 3


At a later date, could we have a minigame/voting on secret characters, or are those already 100% set in stone?


It is set in stone that there are no hidden characters. Coming up with the timeline for 144 different battles was a game in and of itself. Any more would be … gwee.

Link again.

Amazing Character Selection theme, Yar1 If I didn’t know any better, I’d say it was that one track from Kirby Superstar!

No, actually, it’s from Kirby’s Dreamland. :smiley:

…odd, i don’t recall this theme from Dreamland. Been awhile since I played that, though.

You willing to take a couple of suggestions for battle themes?

I’m going to go with Morrigan.