Yaaay, stupid eBay auctions! =D

But what is it, you ask?

Why, the right to have newxbox360shipsouttoday@gmail.com as your e-mail adress of course! And it’s at 83.99 as-is!

El oh el intarweb.

the CRAP?

someone’s making a few easy bucks.

I’ve seen people with 50 or so, plus singular accounts on sale… it’s like that guy who sells his stomach…
They’re all weird!


would any of you sell your soul? i’d be too chickenshit (damn you, simpsons. damn you to hell) actually, i’d likely do it, seeing i’m on my way to being a familyless bum in a few days.

Someone tried to sell it over ebay but they shut iot down because there was no physical item being exchanged.

That’s why the soul auction should’ve included a piece of paper type contract.

Hehe, it says in green font that you can’t sell gmail accounts, someone should turn him in.

Speaking of Gmail, I have 100 invites if anyone wants one. Just PM me your email address.



Uhm, who doesn’t have 10M+ invites?

Me. Because I actually use them.

… how many people do you know !?
Or do you just like random addresses?


Well, I have one hundred and five contacts in Orkut, out of which some 80 I know IRL. I DO have a life sometimes and get to know people, you know. Doind something besides staying the whole day in front of a computer is good for your health.