Yaaay, a cellphone with a hardrive!


I’m beggining to feel redundant. I still have a Nokia 33-10.

Wow, thats incredibly stupid. The phone would have be such a stupid shape to accomodate the drive. Why dont they just work on getting flash memory to the point where it is comprable to a Hard Disk?

I’m love cell phones, and I also love downloading images, ringtones, etc… I ran out of space on my old phone and had to lie to my provider so they would send me a new one ‘The AOL instand messanger function’ messed up. I wonder how many cell phones aren’t released in the states. Hopefully this one will be.

I can’t wait till Cell Phones are the size of VCRs again

I still haven’t got a mobile phone. It’s getting harder and harder to stay like this though.

So, when’s the first virus for cellphones gonna be made, I wonder?

It already has been. It infected phones with bluetooth. Basically, it would set the bluetooth so that it was constantly broadcast a file transfer, and would send itself over bluetooth to any phone within range. The only effects of it were that it changed the marquee of the phone (cingular, ATTGMS, T-Mobile, whatever) to the name of the hack site that created it.

Yeah, I remember the cell phone virus.

I have a cell phone and I use it constantly. It’s gotten me into more phone bill arguments than I’d like though. Just be careful about your minutes and you’ll be fine.

throws multicoloured pills at the virii Take that, bitches!

SW33T witha capital 3. Now everyone can be James Bond.

What we’ve always needed!

I like my Siemens ME35. It’s not fancy, but I don’t need anything fancy; since I don’t use it for anything but a phone and alarm clock.