Y: The Last Man becoming a reality?


This reminds me of an article I read about a month back where all the babies born recently on a native reserve were all girls. Then I realized all the recently married couples I know are that are starting families also all have girls. It was just too eerie.

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The article suggests that its statistics are adjusted for changing lifestyles between 1940 and now, but I question <i>how</i> statisticians could adjust for something that huge.

How do you account for the fact that in 1940, most men worked in factories and farms? How do you account for the effects of that exercise? How do you account for the fact that men got married at around twenty, and didn’t lead particularly stressful lives? Most men entered the workforce after high school and did jobs that were physically strenuous, and didn’t need to stress about anything because work was the same from day to day. Contrast that to our youth, most of whom go to college through age 22 and then work stressful desk jobs with no exercise involved. Consider the changing diets: men were once encouraged to eat as much testosterone-generating food like meat as possible (late 19th-early 20th century), but now men are encouraged to eat soy (testosterone-reducing) and to spread out their meals (less testosterone for lack of insulin spikes). TV and video games encourage sedentary behavior in what free time we do have. Overconsumption of caffeine is huge, which allows people to stress more without feeling the effects, but the stress still decreases sperm count. A huge portion of men in the forties went to war, which fosters a masculine demeanor that would have lasted at least a while after the war. Society once came down hard on non-masculine behavior in men (e.g. androgyny), while now it’s the in thing to do.

In short, everything that has changed about our lifestyle has changed in a testosterone-depleting way. So I’m open to the idea that bisthenol and phthalates caused some of these changes, but I wonder, did they <i>really</i> cause most of this?

Has anyone considered the possibility that the lowering of testosterone is because of natural selection? That as we become a more feminine society, the men who have a better shot at financial success, and thus of reproducing, are more feminine?

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I’ve read something about this once, sometime back. About how all these chemicals in the water supply and food are slowly messing with everyone and causing all these things to occur.

Still, as long as we don’t end up with something as messed up as Children of Men, we’re good…hopefully.

It’s incredibly obvious, isn’t it? A foreign substance is introduced into our precious bodily fluids without the knowledge of the individual. Certainly without any choice. That’s the way your hard-core Commie works.

But if the chemicals really are to blame, wouldn’t we have started seeing these symptoms like back in the 60s?

I forget what the exact reason is, (nor do I have the willpower to try and look it up) but it takes years/decades for symptoms to start showing up in full (unless there’s a major problem, in which something would appear much quicker than that). If you knew what’s really in the drinking water, you’d know it’s a lot of shit, but in trace amounts.

I really need to find the damn article on this to clarify things.

The article seems to be saying the chemicals have accumulated in the environment and their usage has increased. Especially if the usage has increased significantly, that could explain why the 60s seemed unaffected.

Regardless, I still think most of this is a matter of lifestyle. If you look at men throughout history who began to lead sedate, withdrawn or drably stressful lives, you’ll notice (on average) they became more sickly or effeminate.

I’m more disturbed by the fact that this thread has turned into a reenactment of certain scenes from Dr. Strangelove.

Our Precious Bodily Fluids indeed. -_-

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Regardless, I still think most of this is a matter of lifestyle. If you look at men throughout history who began to lead sedate, withdrawn or drably stressful lives, you’ll notice (on average) they became more sickly or effeminate.

Or did they lead sedate and withdrawn lives because they had low testosterone caused by other things?

My opinion is that American men are ‘losing’ testosterone simply because they are being born increasingly with low levels of testosterone, due to America favoring feminine occupations, thus naturally feminine, low-testosterone men having greater chances for success and reproduction.

Studies show there’s great variation in the amount of testosterone men naturally and genetically manufacture. In other words, your testosterone level is most of the time primarily caused by genetics. Women can actually judge how much testosterone a man has just by looking at his face!(this is proven). Those with low testosterone generally are emotionally warmer, more cooperative, kinder towards children, less likely to take risks, cheat on their spouses, or act violently. They’re also not as physically strong or coordinated as higher testosterone men. Previously, America had a manufacturing-based economy, so most men had physical labor jobs; such jobs would favor high-testosterone men. Since those men were more likely on average to get a job and be successful at it, they were also more likely to reproduce. But now America is switching over to a service-oriented economy; these jobs - retail, teaching, counseling, public relations, etc. - require feminine skills and punish the type of high-risk, aggressive, emotionally cold behavior high doses of testosterone tend to cause. The decrease in American manual labor jobs started around the 60s and 70s, which can explain why we are now seeing a decrease in the level of testosterone of American men - they were simply born at a time when feminine men were becoming more successful, so were more likely to get married and have children.

I had a paragraph about that, but I deleted it because I figured I was typing more than people wanted to read. :frowning: I said something like this: You can trace the events of historical men’s lives. E.g., being conscripted as a solder, being forced to go to boarding school. Then, from their writings or writings about them, you can discern how these men changed during such periods. For instance, read Plutarch’s history of Marc Antony, describing the effects on Antony of luxurious residence in Egypt with Cleopatra. Or read Wordsworth’s Prelude, describing his time in London and Paris versus his time in nature. Changes in lifestyle affect what goes on inside of people, including hormones.

I wouldn’t be surprised if you were right that more feminine men are having kids. But it seems unlikely to me that evolution over 40 years could cut in half the average sperm count. First, changing the incidence of a major trait (like high masculinity) normally takes a long time. Second, the highly masculine men are still having kids. Think motorcycle-dropout type, who sleeps around regularly. Some might argue that modern welfare laws and progressive taxes <i>favor</i> over-masculinity, insofar as they give money to people whose aggression and wildness would have prevented them from making a living. Third, if our genetics were feeble enough to be half-ruined over the course of one generation of natural selection (100m sperm to 50m sperm), one wonders how the human race has been civilized this long without accumulating more defects.

these jobs - retail, teaching, counseling, public relations, etc. - require feminine skills
I don’t really see what’s feminine in these. On the other hand, women used to be employed in high %s in physical labor jobs here in Greece.

Because they’re social and cooperative. Men with high testosterone tend to be more the neanderthal type who grunt at people(exaggeration, but you get the point). But seriously, they generally don’t have patience for trying to help or explain things to people, at least from the studies that have been done.