ARGH… it’s killin me. Anybody remember that fishing thing you have to do to get the dark rock? Is there any specific or special thing you have to do?! I’ve been trying for hours and I haven’t caught the damn thing yet. help! please!:thud:

What the hell are you talking about?

I think I need to put together my guidelines again…

Can you be more specific about where and when this takes place in the game?

The dark rock requires A LOT of patience. That is all. There’s nothing you can do about it. I’ve been there a couple times myself so I know what you’re going through.

For the non-xenogeared, in Shevat there are 3 rocks you can get to get to Wise Man’s stash. Wise Man’s stash is a very nice stash indeed. One rock , the tedious one, you have to get by fishing with spider web you get from an old lady in another screen. So you go in and out of this room with the fucking Nisan music (god I hate Nisan) for hours as you try to fish, fail to get a fish or get a fish with no rock and continuously go out for more string. It redefines one’s hatred of load times.

<img src=“”> I got the dark rock on my first attempt. Hate me.

ooh, now I remember.

Just go to the very, very top. I think that’s where I got it, and I read somewhere it’s there everytime.

If not, I was lucky and got it in a few tries.

You need to talk to the Chu-Chu sitting on the hanging light in the Chu-Chu room. Do that, then go fish, and you should get it soon. Most FAQs and walkthroughs don’t mention this. I tried getting the Dark rock about 15 or 20 times, failing, of course. Then I talked to the aforementioned Chu-Chu, went back to the fountain and got the rock on my first attempt.