Xwing's 1001st Post Thread

You may be wondering, “Do we really need a third ‘thousandth post’ thread? Why is Xwing doing a <i>1001st</i> Post Thread, when every normal person does a 1000th Post Thread?” The answer is that I have something much, much bigger planned for my 1000th post. The more people respond to this, the better that 1000th post will be. I guarantee it will be cause for much delight and rejoicing. It’s also been at least 11 years since I made my first post. So post your questions! And be ready for something truly stunning.

I’m intrigued. I’m assuming this isn’t a question thread, and so I won’t be responding as such. I just really want your 1000th post to be hypersexually awesome. And so, I shall respond, in hoping that I will not be disappointed.

EDIT: I guess this is a question thread, so I’ll ask a question for content.

If you were an adventure game, which one would you be?

Why did I ask you a question that sounded like it was out of the Dating Game, only nerdy? I really can’t figure it out, myself.

Do you have a favorite Star Wars book?

What is your favorite animal and why?

Why are you in law school? What kind of lawyer do you want to be? Are you happy with your decision? What’s your next step? (Esp considering what I heard the current economic climate is doing to lawyers)

Is it true that ginger children have no souls?

Who would you rathere- a fat chick with a pretty face or a chick with a hot body and ugly horseface? And you can’t cover it with a paper bag.

Would you let someone shoot you in the kneecaps for 1,000,000?

I must admit that this has caught my interest.

What is Number Five?

Here are some character-defining questions I thought up for Sorcerer a while back:

  • So imagine the hottest, and I mean absolute hottest girl you know. Let’s pretend that you guys were gonna have a one night stand, but the only catch was that you had to have a huge dildo shoved in your ass the whole time. Do you do her, or do you break out of that situation?

  • Let’s imagine this new product, let’s call it “Lickin’ Stix.” It’s kind of like those old candies where you had the candy stick that came with the flavored powder, and you put the powder on the stick and licked it off. Imagine that, but much larger, and phallus-shaped…like, undeniably reminds you of a big-ass dick. Would you agree to do a commercial for Lickin’ Stix - which involved you using the product (i.e placing it in your mouth and licking/sucking powder off the end) while talking about how delicious it was - if you were offered several million dollars?

  • Let’s pretend your calling was something like playing the trumpet. A stupidly, stupidly rich person offers to pay you unimaginable amounts of money to play trumpet for him. However, the catch is that you only play in his house, in the bathroom, while he is urinating or defecating. The job will only be offered once, so you have to take it right now, or never. Do you?

And some anecdotal questions:

  • What’s the most fucked up thing you’ve ever done to a person(s) that you can still look back and go “Man, that was really fucked up…but it was pretty funny”? You can list multiple ones of varying degrees of fucktupness, if you’d like.

  • Tell me some event that happened in your life that no one knows about, but you aren’t embarrassed to tell? This can be anything from something that happened when no one was around, to some sort of sticky situation you got yourself into that you managed to hide from other people.

My God, SG. That first situation you mentioned sounds awesome. Where do I sign up?

Also, that third one would only be bad if it was a trombone… especially while he was shitting.

What will you do when Spoony makes his one thousand and TWO! thread just to show you up?

What question will you ask in the said thread?

And will there be cake?

Do you still intend to write the poem when you hear Cloth Hat’s story?

Also finish this story-

Okay. So a Nun, a Leprechaun, and a Rabbi run into a bar…

If you had two seashells, nine fish, four sea horses, and forty-seven snakes, how many legs would you have?

What is Number Five?

More importantly, WHO IS NUMBER 6??

Can we call this thread “1001 XWingian Nights?”

If you change your username to Kip Winger, and your avatar accordingly, forever, I will be impressed. Otherwise, you have nothing that matters to me.

Do you shudder when you look 11 years back? Also, do you dig Ezra Pound? British Pound? Cypriot Pound?

Black, Blue, Green, Red or White Magic strike your fancy?

I am impressed by SG’s interrogation, so I’ll continue in the same vein.
If your lover/partner decides to try a threesome (sexual encounter), would you be a willing participant?
How about an “Indecent Proposal” situation: would you allow some stranger to woo and seduce your love interest for a financial compensation?

Which Power Ranger is your Power Ranger (and give several reasons why)?

Also are you driving with your eyes closed or are you, like, using the force or something?

Ever fought a samurai with a fountain pen?

Follow-up: <i>Still</i> think that the pen is mightier than the sword?

Is your 1000th post gonna be the epic poem you’ve promised us?

Why am I so ridiculously in love with Elizabeth?