XP SP2 released

Just a friendly reminder to y’all that Windows XP Service Pack 2 is now officially out.

See MSFN for more info. Happy downloading!

Next time post something earth-shattering, okay?

I don’t know what service pack 2 is. ;_; Can someone explain? :smiley:

My guess is it’s a bunch of patches to fix the problems XP had when they released it.

Lex: Exactly. Even if you normally doesn’t get any Windows Update stuff, you should get this one. Among others it updates IE to almost-usable levels by giving it a popup blocker and by fixing quite a few annoying security holes in that browser, like download.ject (even though I still reccommend that you use another browser alltogether if possible). There’s also a ton of other security fixes in it. It’s a strongly recommended download. :slight_smile:

windows is hte sux

I was just pointed out that I’m WAY behind on my Windows updates by a friend, so… thanks, Wert.


Umm… why am I getting this message?

The system cannot find the file specified.

Is the MSN download site down?

Nah, someone just mistyped the link. Try This link instead… And if that doesn’t work for you, it’ll appear on Windows Update in a few days, so just wait for it to come to you. If you’re on a 56k you might want to order a free CD of it though, seeing as it’s a 75+ MB Download.

Thanks Wert.

I’m gonna have to wait until I’m back on campus to get it.

Would I be able to get this through normal automatic windows updates?

If I understand your question right. It should pop up on its own I guess.

I think they recommended that you should leave automatic update on.

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Well that’s good, because I never turned it off. Why would I ask if I could download it through the Windows Update if I had it turned off?

Sorry. What I meant was leaveit on and the update will come to you.

Only because of this post will I update it. I guess I just… don’t get around to making updates , much less care :frowning: fake tears, fake tears

Windows XP SP2.
More security.
Less compability.

What are some of the cases of incompatability?

Scripts and old games.

uh, I meant WHICH old games? I kinda knew thats what we meant with incompatability.