XP or ME?

Yes, sure, whatever. Windows may suck and crash and blah blah, but I have the option of installing ME or XP or my computer. So, I was wondering which one I should get. It’d probably be mostly used for gaming/browsing/some schoolwork (so Word/equivalent would be needed).

So, what should I get?

XP easily. I’ve heard too many horror stories about ME to even consider thinkgin about it for my computer.

Windows XP.
At least it doesn’t crash at intervals of tweny minutes.

ME sucks even by windows standards.

I went with xp because it’s more compatible with aol and other things I’ve loaded up. ^^
Plus it doesn’t crash nearly as much.

If you want an OS that’s about a million times better than ME, get XP. If you want an OS that will give you leprosy, get ME.

Why did M$ even release ME? Why didnt they just go straight to XP?

XP. I finally got rid of that bastard ME; now, excuse me while I rejoice once again :smiley:

I would say ME, so when you install it, you can realize how sucky it is, then get XP

XP, no contest

Not that I’m condoning using Windows XP or anything (Win98SE is easily my favourite), but ME will give you blood clots on the brain. I actually threw my disc out of the window after 3 days of it. You should definately go with XP instead of that piece of cyber-shit.


I mean… XP

Get XP.

Or get DOS, that’s better than ME too.

Better than windows in general. Its got ‘kings quest’ on it! 8D And commander keen!

Definitly XP, it’s much more stable than ME and generally runs better and there are ways of configuring it so as to have both XP and dos on it at the same time, it’s sort of a strange configuration, but it seems to support most old dos based programs without the need for an emulator. I can tell you how to do it if you like.

You should share that with all of us DS. Or I’ll ask you some time, whatever.

Commander Keen was such a fucking good game. I’d play on an OS made by the devil himself if it let me play Commander Keen.

That’s easy to do. Commander Keen runs on many operating systems made by Microsoft.

He stole what I was going to say.

But yeah, XP…it’s winning like 16 to 0 now. ME sucks.

XP it is then. Thanks for all the input.