Xombie, the movie?!

I’m on the mailing list for the animated web series known as Xombie. If you haven’t seen it, rectify that ASAP!

I just got a message that contained, amongst other things, the following:

The Xombie property has been optioned by actual, real-life Hollywood producers, who make actual real-life Hollywood movies. Which means, at long last, after almost a year of phone calls, contracts and trips to L.A., there will be a fully-animated Xombie movie. Let me say that again. A fully-animated Xombie movie. Let me say that again… It just feels so good to say it.

This…is absolutely AWESOME. I cannot wait. The official site for the movie is here, though there isn’t much there yet.



I’m too exited to think of anything to say.

I enjoyed this. It gets my approval.

Now all we need is a Making Fiends movie.

Oh yeah. Ragnarok’s the Party like a Valhalla Party.

Is it just me,or are more,and more people getting their ideas from flash animations? Not that there’s anything wrong with it,Xombie is awesome.

This will be a good movie, unless it is bad.