I’m sure this belongs in the media forum, but I’ve seen video threads posted here before. Anyways, this is a short film I made for Digital Design class this semester. I’ll quote what I put on the back of the box:

Detective Kobald is in Search of a criminal who recently escaped from prison. His assignment soon becomes increasingly confusing as the criminal’s involvement with a rogue scientist’s trials sends Kobald into the realms of interplanetary war.

10 Minute Version

Extended Version

Unfortunately the quality isn’t the greatest. I must apologize for that, but what can you do, it’s youtube and google video…

I hate detectives. I’m not the intended audience.

That’s cool. Did you check it out anyways? And good job on actually responding to my thread.

Yes, I watched a bit of it; thought I’d reply because even if it isn’t my cup of tea, you worked on it.


that was really good. that was you as xillusk right?

also whose girlfriend was that in the red dress shes really cute

No, actually I was the mad scientist in the middle section. Thanks for the good words.

I have not watched this yet (due to lack of internet connection at home), but I will. I promise that I will.

Also, you all have to start responding to this, or I’ll bite your collective heads off! WITH PAIN!

But if I have to post, I have to post the dreaded words that no arts major would want to hear

I don’t get it


From the Leucochloridium paradoxum sculpture to the sci-fi/martial arts/detective/comedy flick – your range of work in the field is astounding. You could be Andy Warhol of the 21st century :wink:

Good stuff, man. The initial sequence was slightly irritating for me – take a swig from the bottle, pour in the glass, take a swig from the bottle, drink from the glass, take a swig from the bottle, drink from the glass – but it only helped to appreciate the rest of your flick. The fight scene is hilarious (and I just glanced at the Jackie Chan vs. Jet Lee thread for more impact).
Again - thumbs up!