I’ve seen the first two episodes, and so far… I just can’t see the point. It’s sticking incredibly closely to the game’s story, down to actual dialogue. (There’s one medium-sized difference, but nothing major.) Frankly, I’d rather just play the game, where they actually flesh out all of the side stuff and background.

And I think the English voices actually fit the characters much better than the Japanese ones in this case. Albedo in particular was really insane in the game, here he just sounds like your run of the mill bad guy. And Allen doesn’t sound as nerdy. :sunglasses:

Ah, exactly what I was afriad of.

I have never heard of an anime based on a game that actually managed to be pretty good. The reason? For some reason that eludes me, people seem to thnk that if they follow the storyline to a T people’ll like it. That’s not really what I dig. Maybe a side story or something, basically, something new. That’s what they really should be doing, and not retelling the story.