Xenosaga-Mothership boss-

Hello all ! So as the title says it, I’m having rather huge difficulties to beat that darnable and acursed robot ! At the end of the second chapter I believe, your suppose to beat that thing in the hangar of the Elsa, but it wiped out my whole team in 4 rounds ! How the hell are you suppose to avoid these laser-beam/tremors attacks. The first tremor wave killed Shion in one hit (about 300+ and more of damage).

Help !!

Of course she’ll never as hard as Miang in Xenogears, but that, is another story.

I’m stuck there as well… so, uh, help him & me.

How can you even attempt to resist Tremore ?!?!?!

His laserbeam attack doesn’t do that much damage to Cosmos, since I boosted my ether-defense alot. And Corn want a friendly advise ? Take Chaos and use his gear, he hurts the enemy for about 150 of damage each turn !

Simple. Level up and stop sucking :smiley:

Seriously. None of the bosses in that game were THAT challenging.

Only hard if you don’t pay attention, upgrade and use your AGWS you have them for a reason. He only uses his big attacks on certain rounds of your little bonus bar, so boost appropiatly.

I’m afraid I’ll have to start over in that case, 'cause I can’t upgrade my gears anymore.

Well, at leasr, not in that part of the game, 'sides Frameskip you only have two’s.

Shion one and chaos one’s.

You can do it without them, but you have to level your skills then.

Level up? I thought it was possible to beat any RPG, with just completing the battles that come along, and not any extra’s.

That’s probably one of the hardest bosses in the game. If I recall correctly, he only uses his special attack when he gets a turn and the wheel is pointing to the correct icon (if that happens to be critical you’re fucked, believe me). I seem to remember you being able to cancel his special attack by using a boost to prevent him from getting a turn on the correct slot, you might want to give it a try. You should also consider wandering around to level boost for a bit. Your gears are strong but the fact that they can’t be revived means that they’ll never be as strong as your characters on foot. I finished the game without using the gears and I had a lot less trouble on most fights than other people who had the strongest gear.

And Corn, if you think you can finish every rpg without leveling up, then you probably hadn’t been playing rpgs that long. Hell, the fact that you can finish some games without level boosting is my number 1 gripe with most of the new rpgs.

It really is, but sometimes you “get lost” or you’re “looking for something” and the battles just keep on coming.

Also, I never used the gears. They were too slow and ugly :\

I heard that every RPG is beatable, by fighting every battle you come across, no running away, and only the nessecary battles.

I’ve been playing RPG’s for like… 5-6 years. :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s not long enough to experience the true hard RPGs.

I don’t understand? I experience the games I own. Not games I do not have. Remember, I don’t have all the RPGs.

I’ve played many hard RPGs, those of which were easily beatable with only fighting the battles that come across, and doing little to no side-quests.

Then, would you be as kind as to explain to me how the ***** boost system works ?!

Tabarnack, si ca continue d’même m’as crissé mon Play2 par la fenêtre !

Sorry, an old habbit O’ mine to swear in what we call ‘‘joual’’ here in Quebec.

In short terms it meant, if this continue like this, I’m gonna throw my darned PS2 by the window !

Some games, however, have very low encounter rates coupled with little experience gains, coupled with hard bosses. Shining The Holy Ark is like this. To be able to beat some of the bosses, including the final boss, you will have to do a little bit of power levelling.

Then there’s 7th Saga, which I’ve heard to be incredibly anal about power levelling.

Ca fait trop longtemps que j’ai joué, je me souviens pas des mécaniques exactes du boost, mais me semble que chaque un de tes characters est associés avec un bouton. Quand c’est pas le tour du character et qu’il a un boost, tu pesses le bouton et ça devient sont tour.

Don’t worry, I also swear in french when I’m really pissed off, it’s usually a sign to run.

But which one, there is so many of 'em !

Yeah when I begin to ‘‘sacre’’, its usualy a sign that I will become very aggresive and violent.

I prefer french to english though…'cause I’m a ‘‘Souverainiste’’.

‘Nyhow, so you say your a WindowsXp repair Expert ? Explain me that then ! Ever played Vampire Bloodlines ? When I finished talking to the archeologist (Johansen somethin’) and when I get out of the Hunters hiddeout the fucker sets a bomb, and you have less then one minute to make it to the boat to escape the god forsaken place ! Even if I make it in time, the game begin to load, and then instantly return to my desktop ! Bloody hell !

Yeah that’s an known issue with VTM: Bloodlines, I personally had no trouble at that point, but I’ve heard that a lot of people have been unable to pass that point because the game constantly crashes.

The only solution I can give you is to look up the cheat codes and use the consol to jump to the next area. (Or you could wait for a patch).

It defines Analism.

Arrêter de parler en français ! Certains de nous ne pouvons pas le comprendre, et s’asseoir ici se demandant ce que la baise vous dites!

Also, I don’t understand the Boost system… I check the manual, but I’m still at a loss on how it works… someone care to go over the gist of what it is?