Xenosaga III Demo Database Hacked

The demo of Xenosaga III has been hacked apart, it seems. Namco included a similar database in Episode III that was in Episode I, in the demo you could see it partially in action, but only content you unlocked in the demo. Seems the programmers were lazy, however, and included the ENTIRE Database in the demo’s code, but only made it inaccessable by normal means.

Enter the hackers.

So now, the ENTIRE Database, which has spoilers for pretty much the entire damn Xenosaga story (secret identities, the true nature of certain characters, Gnosis, U-DO, T-elos, etc etc) is floating around the internet.

Fairly be ye warned, and tred lightly among the Xenosaga communities of you don’t want to be spoiled to Episode III’s plot. It’s coming stateside this fall, and I personally decided I would not spoil the plot of Episode III like I did Episode II, and I’ll be damned if a hacker is going to ruin it for me.

… Well? Even I’m not stupid enough to put the entire database into a fricking demo.

Right, abandon the internet, for spoiler avoidance. That was a really, really stupid thing from them to do. Seriously.

Shit, that’s a lot of people I’ll have to stop talking to. I guess I can stick my head into a proverbial hole for a few months.

I think I’ll avoid looking for it and wait for the inevitable price drop on Episode 3, ha ha!