Xenosaga... again

I just finished the game for the first time over the weekend, and I know I didn’t do everything that I could have (no optional bosses, no Erde Kaiser although I started for it, no stealing). It’s a lot of fun to go and read about the storyline things now that I’m not concerned about spoilers.

I have three questions though, and if someone could refresh me on things I’d appreciate it. Just discussing the plot would be fun too.

  1. Who is Abel? I’ve seen references to Abel’s Ark and to a person who might be Abel, but I don’t have a clue as to who that person is.

  2. I’ve also heard that Wilhelm is a very old person and financed the digs in Kenya in the beginning of the game. Now, I don’t think he’s THAT old, so where does that idea originate?

  3. Does anyone actually discuss Xenosaga plot details and whatnot without any references whatsoever to Xenogears?

I haven’t started a thread in a little while, so I just had to do it!

most of what we can know from XS 1 comes from using a lot of elements of XG

abel was one of the incarnations of the contact in XG, but there are probably other uses for his name.

The reason why I asked about concurrently discussing Xenogears and Xenosaga is because of the things I’ve heard concerning references between them. Some people seem to think that Xenogears is a later episode in Xenosaga, while others think that the two games just have some things in common but are actually quite separate games. In that case, if wouldn’t be necessary to play Xenogears to understand Xenosaga, right?

I’ve had Xenogears for a little while, but I’ve barely started in it from what I can understand. I know absolutely squat about it and what happens in it. I guess that if the games are supposed to stand alone that it would suck to have to have played XG in order to understand more about XS. (sort of like having to play the Matrix games and to watch Animatrix to get more out of the movies)

Originally posted by VickiMints
I’ve had Xenogears for a little while, but I’ve barely started in it from what I can understand. I know absolutely squat about it and what happens in it.

That happened to me too. I got through Xenogears and once the credits rolled i sat back and just said “What the hell just happened?” I had to play it through again just to get all of the references to the orginzations and such, and even the 2nd tiime through i was still a little lost.

I guess thats why im not to itching to play Xenosaga. I dont want to have to go through a game again just to understand the plot.

EDIT-I also heard Xenosaga is packed with FMV’s. Is this true?

Vicky: The rumors I’ve heard about the games are these:
The creator(s) of Xenogears originally had a BIGGER story planned to tell, apparently planning to tell it in a series of games. However, for some reason, the deal with the original company (Sony or Square) fell thru, and they switched over to Namco. So, yes, I believe that Xenosaga takes place in the same universe as Xenogears (but earlier- remember, XS is 4000 years in our future, while XG is (at least) 10000.) The thing is, if they are now under a different company, CAN they make references to XG? I don’t think so, at least, no major ones. So, I don’t expect appearances of XG characters in the XS series, but I DO expect them to explain the Religious/SF elements of XG.

Vicky:Xenogears is suposed to be episode 5 of a 6 part series we learn that is episode 5 at the end of the credits of Xenogears.

Will:I need to recomfirm this but i remember reading that the creators said that copyrights arent an issue but i really dont know whats going to happen when they reach episode 5 cause they could start the game from scratch but keeping the same characters and storyline.

They could buy those rights…

Actually Monolithsoft has the rights, Square is just licensing them.

I wonder: are they planning to remake Xenogears as part of the Xenosaga series? I magine that cool story with today’s graphics! I hope they do NOT mess with the story, thought. (Except that the ending felt sorta rushed, I always thought they ran out of time to properly develop it.)

xenogears is a beautiful game as it is, currently; and also accesable on the current platform. i think id rather see the series conclude than waiting another 3 years for the story we already know. after ep. 6 though, it would be nice, or maybe also if they elaborated on some of the goings on especially in the 2nd disc.

Will:The second cd was rushed there were a lot of things that they could not put just for example they wanted to give Emeralda and Maria Omnigears.

Ahh, at last a nice thread on Xenogears, Xenosaga.

makes mental note to add spoilers at the end

Yes, I didn’t think copyrights would be a problem, however I am of the impression they are beginning to deviate from the normal storyline. I was originally informed that Xenosaga II would be set ‘10,000 years ago’ relative to Xenogears, and that Xenosaga was ‘15,000 years ago’ relative to Xenogears…

Then, I heard that the second episode will have some of the same characters as the first… which begs the question “Have they changed their plans, or are the characters just long-lived?”

Ahh well, enough speculation in that regard, time for spoilers…

Abel was the sole survivor of the Eldridge crash (the ship you see in the Xenogears intro) He somehow seems to either reincarnate, or lets his descendents inherit his memories through ‘introns.’ Later incarnations include Kim of the Zeboim era, who created Emeralda, Lacan of the Diabolos Wars era, who became Grahf, and, of course, Fei.

As to your second question, I know not the answer, but I am given to understand people may be able to live for quite a long time in the Xenosaga universe…

And the last question, no, I don’t think ANYONE talks about Xenosaga without referencing Xenogears, unless they haven’t played Xenogears. So, meh.

It’s so nice that Square licensed Monolithsoft instead of hording a copyright they aren’t using. :slight_smile:

I wonder if Monolithsoft will also be responsible for upcoming Chrono games, I was of the impression that the Xenogears developers were the same people who did the Chrono series.

Chris: The impression I was given after playing Xenosaga I was that part two will indeed feature most of the same characters. The "Dictionary’ section of the game says that we’ll meet Shion’s brother in part two. Besides, it is SO obvious that Ep. 1 was just part 1 of a STORY, and we still need to find so many things about the characters, such as the details of the event that affected Shion’s mind. (My guess: she watched a person get eaten alive.)

As for remaking Xenogears, I don’t think they would do it as long as the game is playable in the CURRENT Sony console; however, by the time such a game comes out, the PS3 might very well be out, and it remains to be seen if PS1 games would be playable on it.