Xenosaga 3 come to a place near you.

well i just heard that the third installment of the xenosaga’s well be coming this FALL and i think thats the best news ever and it’s going to be as long or longer than the first one but i hope that it’s wayyyy better than the second one i liked them all but number 2 sucked: to short and way to easy but number 1: long and kinda hard so i hope they use everything they got to make this one the best rpg on the ps2 at the moment

Why do your posts always involve something being long and hard? Something on your mind?

Sohee wins.

Your posts really fucking suck. Next time, post a news article, or try and bring up some interesting stuff in half-decent english, at least, instead of basically going “lol butts”.



They really dropped the ball on the franchise. I’m very disappointed. I’ll probably buy the third one and close the book on it, but my expectations are minimal at most.

Finally, XS3. Yeah, the first one was pretty decent, the second was ugh, and I’m not too excited about this one. Rhaka’s right, too, your posts could use a little, um, intelligence to them. Punctuation is your friend, kiddies.