Xenosaga 2 Impressions

I’m about 15 hours in (and already at the second disc) and I have to say “errrm”. I’m a little disappointed in their decision to completely redo all the main characters from the ground up, both in looks and sound. (How is it that FFX-2 managed to get every single voice actor from the original, while the vast majority of Xenosaga 1 is gone? These are B-list voice actors here… the decision was an active one.) FFX-2 had an excuse for revamping some characters, though - it takes place two years after the original. This one doesn’t even take place two days after the original: it’s immediate! So it’s unnerving and offsetting. Truth is, when you’re doing a direct sequel, unless you have a damn good reason to change voices, it shouldn’t happen. It’s kind of a slap in the face, asking us to take what we know of a character and replace it with something completely different.

Having said that, I do like the new voices for chaos and Shion (still, I don’t think Shion needed to change). However, the rest of the cast (especially KOS-MOS, and including minor characters like Hammer) was much better the way it was. Shion in particular has morphed from a kind of geeky, oblivious character into a sassy and slightly nasty young woman. I can see where they found this character in XS1, but it’s not the same person. And some people have said that MOMO looks older here - she doesn’t, she’s just wearing a hat. 8p Having her suddenly sound like a teenager is kind of strange.

Battles are a bit crazier, which is a good thing; so far XS2 has had some of the most challenging battles I’ve seen in a while. The fact that you can only get items by beating enemies (no shops) is another interesting twist. I was running low at one point, but beating the boss gained me several levels and now I’m cruising. :sunglasses:

Story-wise… very disappointing so far. There’s a lot of stuff about Jr. and MOMO which is interesting, but not much about anything else. You’d think 15 hours in they’d have answered some questions about XS1. -_- And out of the four dungeons I’ve done so far, three of them have been flashbacks or simulations. Hopefully it’ll start picking up now.

I guess I’ll speak more (or just write my usual review) when I’m farther in.

I have an urge to say “I told you so”. KOS-MOS new design is the one that really pisses me off.

I got used to it. I’m even beginning to like her swimsuit design.

=( That stinks. This was a game i was really looking forward to.

Cid, is playing the Xenosaga series worth it? I already own Xenosaga, and I could easily buy Xenosaga 2 (At least I have the money, I don’t know if it’d be sold out in stores for a while or what) AND I now officially have my PS2 back (I gave it to my brother as a gift for college, he thought the new tiny one was really cool and bought it so he gave me back the original) so I can play it again. I never got more than 15 minutes into it because I got the first .hack game. That also brings up another (Offtopic) question, should I play the .hack series. I LOVED the first game, absolutely OBSESSED with it, repetive? No way, I love that kind of thing, I LOVE MMOs, and I love the kind of thing that you do in this game, I was so involved with the story that it drove me insane… Err, sorry, back to the point, are the rest of the .hack games as good as the first? I would like to get them.

I was hoping for a thread like this. I loved XS1, and I’ll probably play the rest of the series just for the story, but from how it sounds so far it doesn’t seem to be worth its current price to me.

I’m upset about changing the voice actors - I thought the cast from 1 was fine. The character design… I dunno. I liked them the way they were before also, and I would have been cool with just softening the lines a little.

We’ll see. I like non-spoilerific impressions!

I’m still getting it.

I enjoyed XS1 a lot (I’ve played it three times). The story is excellent, and the gameplay, while not astounding, is still pretty fun. However, if you don’t like watching movies, don’t bother; there’s a LOT of cinematics. The gameplay in XS2 seems to be a little better balanced and more challenging, but so far the story is a bit lacking.

Like I said, I’m nowhere near finished XS2, so don’t take these impressions as set in stone. It’s quite possible that the game starts picking up. I just wanted to mention how the different characterization unnerved me. It’s something you’ll have to get used to, so I thought a warning was in demand.

I liked Xenosaga, but it didn’t really fall into place as being a really cool game until it was winding down towards the end. How many discs are in XS2?

Two discs. Both very short.

So the game is what, as long as the first one? That sucks.

The first half of the game is really about Jr. the rest is about continuing the story. You need to know for anything to make sence later on. Any way I’m stuck on the last boss I believe and if I only had my Medpack DX I think it’s called (the megalixer equivalent) I could do it, but I was forced to use it on the previous boss. It took me ~20 hours in total for the game, but I just blazed through as fast as I could and completed the first disc in under 7 hours. On the playthrough that I’m on I’ll do everything. Also I heard there is like 30 hours in post game content to max your characters and stuff.

John Dimaggio, who does Wakka’s voice, sounds slightly different in FFX-2 than FFX. I had to double-check the cast of both games to make sure it was the same guy. In two years his voice aged more than ten years (maybe he is a time traveler?)

In terms of cinematics (quantity) how does X2 compares to X?

I knew when www.zenosaga.com, a website geared toward Xeno series information, said that the game was mediocre at best, that this game was gonna suck. :stuck_out_tongue: I didn’t even like the first one that much; I couldn’t play it longer than 4-5 hours (Most of that time wasn’t even playing :P). It’s really too bad, the direction this series took; Xenogears was such a rad game.

So, I shouldn’t buy it then?

You can buy whatever you want Ramza, just because SG doesn’t like it mean you won’t. Hell, you liked RO, so you may very well love this ;p

WHAT!? Aw man, that completely took away my urge for Xenosaga 2. >.<

Haha, funny you say that Sorc, I’m playing RO right now :wink:

Well… not all the main characters are redone (Ziggy and Jr. are more or less the same, and chaos at least looks the same).

I did like the first one a lot, and if you did too then chances are you won’t listen to SG. 8p

FFX-2 is identical to FFX in terms of cinematics. Completely identical (there’s some real laziness there). I honestly couldn’t tell the different in voices between the two games, too.

The GS quests are driving me to near murderous rage with foam frothing from my mouth and all that jazz.

But so far I like the game a fair bit. The battles are challenging, fun, and there’s no real ‘perfect’ party as anyone can learn any skills, so it’s a matter of stats and attack styles (KOS-MOS is very blunt, and not in the pun sense, while Ziggy is Blunt/fire and cannot hit air targets, they both have a speed of ‘crap’. MOMO has piercing ether nonelem ranged and can be enchanted depending of situation, but can’t do button combos and guard breaks efficiently. Shion is like MOMO except she’s thunder/beam ether, Junior is physical piercing, Chaos is phys aura can’t hit air, Jin is blade awesome) and it comes down to personal preference and what you feel is best in the end, also, having everyone have revive spell is love. Combo magic is a must to understand as it saves your posterior V. Often, the double techs are a novel idea although not that many of them are worthy of being refered to as wtfpwnage, and most of them are held either by subquests or rare bossdrops that are best stolen.

Speaking of steal, it’s a GS quest early in the game, get it ASAP. I had to kill certain bosses 2-3 times to get the damned drop via the old fashionned luck method.

The E.S. mechs, unlike the AGWS mechs, are not walking buckets of bolts with a gun or sword strapped to it and are actually highly useful AND necessary to do certain parts. They kick ass and don’t die and being the size of a small appartment building makes them pretty darn good, plus they get awesome fights. Although I fuss a little about the E.S. Asher’s feet looking like bloody highheels.

That’s about all I got to say about the fighting system, really. The story itself is very compelling to me, as I felt a little attached to the U.R.T.V.s and wanted to know more, and right now at my current point (3rd dungeon after Disk 2), the plot thickens.