Xenosaga 2 audio issues

The music randomly stops in battles and the voice acting randomly stops (usually pretty early in a given speach) when characters are speaking. Is there any way to correct this? Especially consiering how XS’ voice acting (particularly Albedo’s) make the game worthwhile.

Wow, that’s never once happened to me, Sin. Something wrong with your specific cop perhaps? Or your PS2? Mine’s pretty old, like, three and a half years or so, but it gives me no trouble.

Also never happened to me. O_o

Wow, that is odd. I’ve never heard of that happening with this game until you mentioned it. I’m interested in seeing if anyone else has actually had this happen, now.

I’m sorry I’m not much help here.

Me neither. It’s more likely a problem with your disk.

Well, just to let you know that you’re not alone, whenever I’m in a normal mech fight the music cuts out a short while it.

No idea what to do about it, though, so just like everyone else in this thread I can’t really help you. =/

Either disk error or connection error on your TV.