Xenogears plot question (of course there will be spoilers)

Well, basically, I finished Xenogears the other day after leaving Disc 2 to rot for a few months since I didn’t want to level up to get my deathblows. Ended up getting all deathblows except for Rico and Bart anyway, but that’s not important. Here’s what I’m wondering about: When the giant fucking spaceship which name I forgot, there was one survivor, a child named Abel. Abel wandered close to the core of the ship/Deus system, getting the attention of the wave existence, which after the crash created The Mother (I think this is the Elly part of Elly/Miang, since Deus created Miang. They split up for some reason later?) because of Abel’s strong desire for his mother. Now what I’m wondering about is how in the fuck did Abel survive that crash? I’m thinking he made contact with the wave existence, also triggering Deus getting pissed off, after which the wave existence shielded him from dying when the ship went to all hell. Then Abel notices the total chaos and death and of course wants his mother after which the wave existence complies. Would I be right in assuming that?

Thanks, I’ve been hoping for a change to discuss this for a while. I have not found anything that explains why Abel made trough the crash although when I saw the scene where he triggers the contact, Zohar appears to be on some kind of research facility, very neatly positioned and surrounded by heavy amounts of machinery; which really doesn’t fit with the monolith lunged towards the earth from outer space and buried into the underground.

My take is that the contact took place before the crash (Maybe minutes before) and Wave Existence protected him.

After the crash, Mother Persona split System Hawwa from the initial Mother (Key Program Ellehayym). While Hawwa remained “pure”, the rest of the Mother Persona was hacked by Wave Existence and imbued with the “Will of the Mother”, thus giving birth to “Elly”.

Seraph has it about right. I think the contact probably happened on the Eldridge itself.

Wait, wasn’t the Mother Persona created by the Wave Existence, after which Deus infected it and caused it to split up into Elhaym and Miang?

The other way around.

Key Program Ellehayym (A part of the Kadamony Biological Processor) ordered the creation of a physical body for itself turning into Mother Persona. To initiate the resurrection program, Mother Persona subdivided itself into System Hawwa (Which gave birth to Cain and the Animus and was meant to be the “supervisor”) and Ellehayym (The “Guide” which would assist Cain in controlling the people)

Before the subdivsion, Wave Existence hacks Ellehayym and infuses her with the “Will” (Human emotion) and fashions her to look like Abel’s Mother/Sister (Not sure which one). This is the birth of “Elly”.

Elly essentially is just another part of Deus that doesn’t obey it’s creator. She really does what she was created to do (Especially during the Sophia phase) however, instead of keeping the people at ease so that they wouldn’t revolt against God, she ends up working so that the people themselves could leave at peace (Which is curiously like the “malfunction” Cain presents during Fei’s time).


Ehem, sorry for that but the thread is a little down and I wanted this to be noticed.

I have a question: What the heck is Xenogears?

I understand how Xeno works, why it works that way, how does it relate to the Contact’s awakening and all the technical crap, I just don’t get where did it came from. That transformation option wasn’t installed into the Weltall Grahf created so I really don’t understand why it suffered that transformation when the Contact was perfected.

Xenogears was created when Weltall-2 came into contact with Zohar and the Wave Existence. The how or why of it aren’t known to me.

I believe that…when Fei became one with Id and accepted who he was, it had an effect on how the Weltall-2 reacted to the Zohar and Wave Existence. I’m probably wrong, been a long while since I played that game. It’s just supposed to represent the Coward Fei finally accepting blame for killing his mother and not forcing it all on Id, which in turn helped Id stop being such bitter person and made Fei complete again. I think that’s all…

I looked it up, and so far, it seems my idea of it just being a representation of Fei’s acceptance seems reasonable.

Didn’t wanna create a new topic. Just finished the game. I have a few questions.

1, Why did Fei’s Mother, Karen have the Pendant of Nisan?

2, Why did Emeralda grow up once you visited the lighthouse?

3, What was Urobulos, the thing you fought at the end? I know Krelian had something to do with it?

4, At the end of Disc 1, where Krelian kidnaps Elly, he says something about the Urobulos ring? How is that connected to the final boss?

  1. That’s never explained. There isn’t any background on Karen anywhere (Not even PW) but Nisan is a pretty popular religion amongst the “good guys” and I’m not sure if Karen was from Shevat. Maybe she was born on Nisan? It doesn’t say anywhere that Fei’s cross was the exact same one Sophia wore though.

  2. Because otherwise we wouldn’t have seen her HoTXoRZX adult body. Really, I haven’t read too much about the nanotechnology, but Emmy’s body could take any shape she wanted. It’s more of a symbol of how she matured after realizing what she was created for.

3 & 4. Man that’s long one. The enemy per se was just something Krelian created (Remember you were in the Path of Sephiroth, the doorway to another dimension with which Krelian was in the process of merging to). The Urobulous Ring isn’t well explained anywhere, but some believe it was either the Miang Factor present in all women, or Elly’s unique genes as one half of the Mother (Sorta like what Contact does to transmigrate).

Also, the Uroborus (It was a mistranslation) is a serpent devouring it’s own tail. It usually symbolizes cycles, and the power that an individual or group has.