Xbox live

How many people here use it? Anyone interested in getting games together for stuff like gears of war, halo ? Do you need gold to play with ppl?

No, you don’t need gold to play with people. Any XBox Live subscription is just as good as any other in regards to playing with others.

Just get an XBox Sin?

You need a gold account to play with other people online, that’s what the xbox site says anyway. I never tried though.

Yeah…I might sign up for gold if enough of my inner net friends wanna play Halo 3…otherwise, I’m waiting til’ Street Fighter 2 HD Remix comes out on XBLA.

Yeah I got my xbox a couple weeks ago.

Gamertags, anyone?


What, really? You need a gold account? Then whats the purpose of the silver account? Is there even a bronze one?

Hit me up anytime!


With a silver account you can get online and get downloadable content (game extras, game demos, videos, pictures, XBox Live Arcade games). Basically, you can do everything else online but play against people.

XBL Gamertag: Skankin Garbage

Mine’s Ungarte. I think I still have gold, but I’d have to check.

Fujination. I will be playing Halo 3 a great deal.

(Oh, oh, what happened to my beautiful title? Someone dies.)

Edit: It was so late I forgot to mention how utterly pleased I am with the campaign mode. They really took the best aspects of 1 and 2, my deepest wishes (online co-op), and added more tanks. Wonderful!

I’ll mostly be Halo 3ing for as long as I can be arsed the next few weeks but I’ll likely not be on much with my post-grad course (sorry, had to get that in somewhere) taking up a lot of my time. I’m always up for some multi=player XBLA action though, so any time I’m on just slip me down a challenge. In a fit of originality, my gamertag is… wait for it… Nebagram.

I just got a 360, though the only game I got was Gears of War.

nkhairul is my gamertag, add me if you would like to.