Xbox 360 or PS3

Basically, I’ve decided it’s time I buy a new system; the deal is, I already bought a Wii because of it’s low price but the current games aren’t satisfying me at all, even though I do dig the system. I can get a new system and a few games without any taxes, but more than likely, I won’t have another chance to do so for a couple of months, so this it.

Problem is, I don’t know which one to get and I’m only going to get one. I wasn’t going to buy more than one next-gen console in the first place but I’ll be darned if I’ll own all three. I’m not too sure the PS3 is going to drop in price any further and with MGS4 and FFXIII coming out for it I’m going to have to get it eventually. I personally couldn’t care less about the Blu-ray. Then again, the 360 has Gears of War and XBox Live, not to mention a more expansive library than both contenders at this point.

…Gosh darn, I’d rather hoard my money like I’ve been doing, but I can count the number of games that interest me at this point on the Wii on one hand. If any of ya’ll own either system and have any opinions about it, please help me out.

If you don’t absolutely know you want a PS3 I’d err on the side of 360.

What Hades said, plus XBLA>PSN by a loooooong way. Well, maybe except flOw, but you’re not going to want to pay $stupid for that now, are you?

It basically boils down to this:

If you want to play great games RIGHT NOW, would like to play online, and are willing to tolerate occasional system failures, get a 360.

If you want to play great games NEXT YEAR, want a more durable system, and are willing to ignore online play entirely for the moment, get a PS3.

Don’t get a PS3 unless you’re looking for an expensive paperweight.

Or you could get neither, go rent a hooker, then die 4 days later from the worst case of crabs mankind has ever known.

Whatever you’re into.

Although there WAS a press release within the last month or so that MS will fix any ‘red ring’ hardware problems for any 360’s released prior to that FOR FREE, and all 360s sold afterward have a much longer warranty. It’s still bad that it happens, but much easier to condone in light of those facts.

Even in light of those hardware problems, I’m still heavily leaned towards the 360. The games coming out for it look great, and the PS3 games just keep getting delayed. I do believe that the PS3 will come out on top of this console war thought.

Well, thanks a bunch folks. I still don’t know for sure, but I’ll be getting it on Tuesday so I’ll see.

So I bought the PS3, and it’s so darned pretty in 1080p that I have few regrets besides the few titles available. Watching 300 in Blu-ray almost sealed it. The fact that I can’t watch Heroes on it makes me sad though.

should’ve gotten a Wii.

He already had a Wii… >_>

…And a proud owner of it; if only some RPG’s worthy of note were destined for it I may have not resorted to buying such an expensive, if sleek piece of hardware. That’s what I get I suppose.

I would’ve voted for keeping your money, but eh, some neat stuff is coming out for PS3. Dynasty Warriors 6 anyone? :slight_smile:

I would say to get a XBox 360 since the games look better, the controller is more comfortable. After using the 360 controller, you really see the age of the PS3 controller. Games also load quicker for the 360. I don’t know about anyone else, but I’d rather spend a minute or 2 changing discs once because it couldn’t fit on one DVD than wait 10 seconds more for my game to load at various points during gameplay. Plus, if you want HD movies, you can get the D drive for the 360 and you have the cost of the PS3 there.

plain and simple. I play mostly rpgs, jrpgs and platformers. Online play means nothing to me.

JRPGS, rpgs != xbox360

matter what you want to play, if your into OMGhalo and shooters, sports, racing ect than get a 360, if you want RPGS, JRPGS, PLatformers, obscure games {Like katamari, not many halotards understand the greatness of it} than get a ps3.

its really simple.

The fourth Katamari game is coming out to the 360. I think many JRPG companies are working heavily on the 360 too.

Well…there really aren’t that many noteworthy RPGs coming out for the PS3, either. In fact, the only one I can still remember off the top of my head is FFXIII, which is already on its way to becoming the next Duke Nukem Forever.

360 has Blue Dragon coming out next week, accompanied by Eternal Sonata next month, and followed by the much-desired Mass Effect in November.

Still, I hope you continue to enjoy your PS3. You’re now ready for when the glut of good games come out for the system.

The 360 may not have many Japanese RPGs, but it does do well with American RPGs. Also, right now the PS3 doesn’t have too many RPGs at all, American or Japanese (hell, the 360 has more JRPGs than the PS3). It seems like you basing your assumptions on the PS2 and XBox and not the new frontier. The 360 also has its share of platformers. Besides, if he wants obscure games, he already has the Wii which kicks Sony’s ass on obscure games.

EDIT: Currently the 360 has more RPGs than the PS3. The only RPG that the PS3 has that the 360 doesn’t is Untold legends and that is because it is a first party game. This isn’t personal or anything, your statements just seem to have some serious flaws. The problem is that the PS3 has potential for certian games, but the gaming environment has changed dramatically in the last year or two. The PS3’s best hope is in Japan where it has outseld the 360, but the 360 has still outsold the PS3 world wide, by a significant margin that is hard to ignore. It also doesn’t help that the PS3 seems to be losing its exclusives daily. I’m not ragging on the PS3 since I also have one and like it, but the arguments against the 360 are flawed. The whole “Halotards” part doesn’t help.

I still think that will change in the long run, could be completely wrong through.

I based everything off the original xbox, and ps2 sales. which can’t really apply to whats happening right now… sorry about that. As far as jrpgs are cconcerned they might all go xbox 360, they might not. But hell, the way consoles are going at this rate all games will be on all platforms, it will all come down to a preference of controller. :fungah:

About the halotards thing, thats just me being biased. i live in a mostly “hick” town, where {almost literally} if it doesn’t have a gun, the army, or blood in it most people aren’t interested or call it a “kiddy” game… as such most people here have xboxs. I know very well there where other games for xbox i just assume alot.

EDIT- If it wasn’t for the controllers i’d get a wii. But at 3AM the last thing i want to do is stand up and swing my arms around like a maniac.