Xbox 360 Madness!!!!!

It’s Hades, so, yes, it does.

Well, if you dont like a system, then you dont like a system, easy put. When it comes to discusions, and people exchange their thoughts on things. Things that people dont like, they will say things about them that are negative, or they will say things about it that they dont like. Its really matter of opinion. Like my opinion matters…its the internet, there will always be people who disagree with you…and unfortunetly, i like to disagree with people alot, and thats because my views are different than others.

I should have added the Mario 64 was another great launch title (pretty much any launch Mario is great).

Yeah, I’m not surprised that ti sold out, new system launches always sell out the first day. The key is keeping a steady flow of systems shortly after launch.

The XBox could have very easily have done what Sony did with the PS1 when it entered. The only real reason that MS didn’t take over with the XBox like the PS1 did is because Sony didn’t really mess-up with the PS2. While when the PS1 came out, both Nintendo and Sega messed up. Sega released the Saturn at a really high price and didn’t have as much focus on 3d games and Nintendo stuck with cartirdges and alienated third-party developers which limited its games. In this case, Sony released at a decent price and kept good relations with developers. Plus it released early enough that by the time the GC and XBox came out, it was already getting into its groove and attracted those who wait a bit for games to come out to get a system. Considering how much of a mind-share Sony has right now, the XBox did very well. MS put a lot of effort and study into the system and it turned out well. Hell, it is already giving Sony a little run for their money. Now it was stupid of MS to release two differnt systems, but at least they both do the basics well.

Didn’t Saturn also just randomly show up on store shelves one day months before its planned launch? Though I thought it cost the same as PlayStation at launch. ($300 for PS, $300 for Saturn with no game/$350 for Saturn with Virtua Fighter, 2 pads?).
I heard PS1 was also somewhat easier to program for?

Yea, saturn had a pretty roundabout way of being “advanced”, they basically crammed a ton of old chips onto a new board, hoping that it would save them money and also give it technical prowess. All it really did was make it a nightmare of a machine to code for, and made it comcastic at doing 3D. Meanwhile the PSX was simple, and did pretty nice 3D.

I love how quickly this turned into Console Wars: Episode CDXLVII

The Saturn was released at $400 with no games. The PS1 was released at $300 with no games. The Staurn was also released six months ahead pf the planned launch.

Since I’m sure someone will say it to discredit the XBox 360, the $400 price isn’t going to kill it like it did the Saturn. $400 today is less than $400 in '95.

Because it has ONE good game and the rest are sub-mediocre. It’s success is absolutely ridiculous for what it is.

Sony wouldn’t provide a decent online experience when that was what the people wanted, so they created live, which is the best console online gaming we’ve ever seen. The system was marketed well to its demographic, the casual gamer, and it caught on. It offered ports of popular PC titles, and is the most graphically powerful of all the systems.
An online system is only as good as the games it supports. If supported trash like Halo and bargain bin EA games, I wouldn’t be playing on it either.

It ended the memory card bullshit, and allowed for free piracy through the hard disk.[quote]Fixed. This is the reason every single one of my X-Box owning friends bought their X-Box. It took them less than a week to realize they just payed $500 for a modded console that they’ll only play Ninja Gaiden on.

[quote]Nothing about it is really a ‘fluke’, just because you don’t like a system doesn’t make it less worthy.
It’s not less worthy because I don’t like it. I dont like it because it’s less worthy. Don’t act like I only presumed it was bad. I was exposed to it and saw that it was bad.

Where the fuck do you guys get these images? =/

I don’t know about you guys but I’m looking forward to being able to buy an Xbox dirt cheap.

Well, Hades doesn’t like the XBox, so clearly it is a piece of shit. Well, at least the debate has been settled. Our oracle has spoken.

I wish I would have bought like 5 of them because I could be selling them on ebay $800

With a camera… in my basement workshop.

Halo > you

Damn, I know, I shoulda just bought one just to resell it.

Of course there’s the local articles about people going crazy for the 360 - I totally expected it. However, in this day and age I have absolutely no sympathy for people who don’t preorder, and I was suprised by the number of people around here who didn’t and then went to the stores to get one… come on, we’re dorks who play video games, and we know how to preorder our shit at the store months ahead of time and over the Internet. I do feel bad for the people who preordered who were left in the lurch.

I guess preordering didn’t do any good for most people.

I should have added the Mario 64 was another great launch title (pretty much any launch Mario is great)

Coff Mario SunshineCoff

Aside from that,I rather just wait,I’m going towards the system with the best RPG’s so far the 360 has at least 3 already anounced and they look good,but another reason I wait is so I don’t end up buying faulty consoles (I have heard that many people have faulty 360’s but I still need cofirmation)

So for now I’m just going to sit down and wait.

He said any launch Marios were great. Super Mario Brothers, Super Mario World, Mario 64. Gamecube launched with Luigi’s Mansion.