Xbox 360 Madness!!!!!

This is really crazy. Stores all around me sold out within 5 minutes of opening the stores doors. Where as places that you reserve them, such as game stop, only got around 30 xbox 360s, but yet they had over 600 people(in my area) reserve them. The people at the game stop near me waited outside the store from when they closed yesterday, till when they opened today. And werent the majority of them dissapointed when they found out that they werent going to get their Xbox 360 they reserved a hell of a long time ago. Well, this toppic is up for discusion. How about the stores in your area? Did they all run out? Where there freakishly long lines?

Sold out. Its funny though, b/c Xbox is just a really bad fad :stuck_out_tongue:

I am not that much of an xbox fan myself, but my brother ordered it, and when he went to go get it, they were sold out, and he was pretty pissed.

If I had gotten one today, I’d put it on eBay in a second.

Thats actually pretty smart dave. Me and my dad were looking on ebay, and we saw them in the thousands. I was like HOLY CRAP!!! It pretty crazy what some people will pay to get an Xbox360.

First shipments are usually crazy, especially when you have people buying the system simply to smash it in front of everyone that’s waiting for one. Not helping things is Microsoft’s continuing attempts to break into Japan. Note to Bill: It’s not gonna happen. Just build your empire in the US and stay there.

I’m actually interested in seeing how the XBox 360 does (I liked the original XBox…is stoned to death), and since they seem to have better third party support, they might be able to draw some of the fringe gamers.

They’re only selling out like this because M$ is creating a run on them. They’re purposefully not releasing enough units.

I don’t understand why people are buying the system. What is there to play on it? DoA? Most of the big launch games are on PC anyway, and the ones that arn’t are not worth plunking 400+ dollars for.

Perfect Dark Zero.

I’ve also heard tha Project Gotham Racing 3 is awesome (espeically if you liked the previous ones).

One thing I’ve heard is that instead of releasing a shitload all at once like with PS2, they are doing it more like the PSP where they are releasing a steady flow of systems, which means that more systems will be available releatively shortly, besides, MS isn’t going to miss the Christmas season.

I’ll probably try to get one in a couple weeks (only to be able to play a couple of days before I get called up).

$400 is cheaper than $3000.

Also, like Info said, Perfect Dark Zero looks freaking sweet. Kameo and Condemned also look really good. The only problem I see (besides the madness) is the lack of another big title like Halo (Perfect Dark Zero is the closest thing to a “killer app” the 360 has).

And stop using M$. It wasn’t funny before, it isn’t funny now, and it never will be funny.

There is something seriously fucking wrong with you if you spend $3000 on a PC that can play current videogames.

I wouldn’t write off the 360 yet, but I do think the pricing and options available for the pricing are absurd. I like the PS and GB’s for reverse compatibility. This should’ve been available out of the box at the affordable price.

I don’t find these events surprising. Does anyone remember when the PS2 came out? It was BAD, esp in Japan. People need to chill. This is the kind of thing that makes me happy I don’t have time to play too much anymore, I don’t have time to worry about running out of games to play. looks at his long RPG backlog

That is true that MS doesn’t have the killer app like it did twith the XBox. I haven’t played Perfect Dark Zero so it may be the killer app (Perfect Dark is still awesome), but I don’t know it is the same mind blowing game that Halo was. Hell, Halo is probably one of the best, if not the best, launch titles ever. Probably the closest games are the Mario 1 and World, which are probably better launch titles.

Yeah, Dev, if anything, we should be calling $ony the money monger after it’s little anti-piracy stunt.

One thing I think we need to keep in mind is that no price has been announced for the PS3 yet and the lowest estimates have it at $400 right now, it isn’t like the next generation is really going to be any cheaper. Besides, MS at least gives a cheaper, handicaped, version of the system.

I’m not calling them money-mongering at all. I’m just saying that it doesn’t seem worth the 400 dollars at the moment. And i don’t see how some shitty copy protection makes Sony any more of a money-mongerer, if they want to copy-protect their intellectual property, more power to them, they just chose a bad way to do it. Nor does Sony’s music division have anything to do with SCE, who would be in charge of the PS3.

I’m in the ‘wait and see’ department. There is not much interesting to me, save for Perfect Dark Zero (which I admittedly am VERY interested in, but its only one game). Only 1 game thats interesting me, combined with the $400 tag (assuming the next shipment isnt gobbled up and ebayed like this one), really has me waiting to see how later games will pan out (ie halo 3, or Ninja Gaiden 2, which is allegedly at least rumored to be in development). I’m not getting one now, and if I do, it’ll probably be ~ a year before I do.

Wow, that’s incredibly inaccurate. Along those same lines, Nintendo, Playstation, and four-wheeled vehicles are all fads. You can decide if they’re good or bad on your own.

My money is that Xbox becomes the market leader by the end of this generation, or at the very least gives PS3 a very healthy run for its money. That being said, I don’t yet plan on buying the 360. They have to get a couple more games out first. I’m looking forward to Resident Evil 5, of course, and whatever 360 game it is that Sakaguchi says he’s working on is on my list, and since Square Enix say that Dragon Quest will be on 360 as well as PS3, I’ll probably get both versions (but I’d prefer 360). Same with Final Fantasy.

As for the first day sales, no one should be surprised. Almost every console has sold out on its first day, going back to SNES and Genesis. The lines today weren’t any more ridiculous than those for PS2, Xbox, or N64 in the past.

I went to Wal-Mart last night to pick up a few things and saw a line of people waiting on benches outside the electronics department. It took me a few minutes to figure out why they were there, but when I did I laughed hard. I don’t need any video game system so bad that I have to go to a store and wait in line for 12 hours to buy it. I’ve got better things to do. Not really.

I was waiting for someone to comment on my bullshitting with something like that. And thanks for stating the obvious :stuck_out_tongue:

Those aren’t along the same lines at all. The X-Box was a fluke whereas everything else you listed has proven it’s usefulness and stood the test of time.

Most of the people on these forums have already played the 360. It’s just more of what we’ve seen from every single console in the past. The design may have a face-lift, the specs might be kicked up a notch, but we’ll be seeing the same style of gameplay from the same genre kings that we’ve been seeing for years. In Final Fantasy XII you’ll be omnislashing Sephiroth for the umpty-frigginth time. The only difference is that everything’s renamed and your attack vectors will be covered by higher res pixels.

The 360 will be great for new casual gamers and a yawn for people who’ve been around for a while. Personally, the only thing I’d even consider buying is the Revolution.

Hades, buddy, i hate to disagree with you, but the xbox was not a fluke at all. They calculated what they needed to do to break into the market, and they did it, and they did it well. The PS2 only marginally has outsold the xbox, how can you say the success of the system is a fluke?

Sony wouldn’t provide a decent online experience when that was what the people wanted, so they created live, which is the best console online gaming we’ve ever seen. The system was marketed well to its demographic, the casual gamer, and it caught on. It offered ports of popular PC titles, and is the most graphically powerful of all the systems. It ended the memory card bullshit, and allowed for upgrade and expansion through the hard disk. Nothing about it is really a ‘fluke’, just because you don’t like a system doesn’t make it less worthy.

Im not even going to think about buying the xbox360, till:

  1. they come out with a crap load of better games
  2. they lower the prices(which might never happen for like another couple years)
  3. and when i get the money to but the freakin system.