Xbox 360 for $100?

No shit, apparently.

Yeah, but only 1,000, they’ll sell out in minutes.

Yeah, not only that, but they disabled oneclickordering, so its basically luck of the draw. Better hope you have a quick connection :frowning:

Wouldn’t even buy it for $100.

Amazon is so going to crash.

That is a pretty good deal. Even though it is only the Core system, getting the hard drive and/or memory card would still be cheaper than buying either version at the regular price.

You mean nobody here wants the $50 Barbie for $10?:hahaha;

(c’mon, someone had to mention it)

That’s kind of retarded, you can easily pawn it off on ebay for $300.

Silly “we don’t ship out of the country electronics” policy.

I said that becuase Xbox sucks. There are no good games, mind halo, but the system itself. I would rather have my money spent on something better, like the Wii or save it up for a car. But if I were to buy it, then sell it on ebay(making more of a profit) I dislike buying/selling games on the web.

Which is retarded, as I said. You’re not really making a good case for yourself here, the quality of the system doesn’t matter if you can easily make a $200 profit from it.

Wow, at least you know your systems and their games… Halo is for the XBox, not the XBox 360. Many people would disagree with you about the “no good games part” and many of the games have received very high scores. Don’t get me wrong, there have been some dissappointments (such as Perfect Dark Zero), but it still has some very good games (such as Call of Duty 2, Gears of War, and Dead Rising to name a few).

I was talking about xbox in general

That is fine, but the XBox and Xbox 360 are quite different consoles. I mean, if you just don’t like the system for personal reason, cool. If you don’t like the games it has, fine. If you don’t like MS and refuse to buy their products, no problem. However, when you say that a system sucks because of a game for an older system, then you are just being stupid. Saying that the Xbox 360 is bad because only Halo is good is like saying that the Gamecube sucks because the only good game for it is Super Mario 64. Mario 64 was released for another system and doesn’t really say anything about the Gamecube. Plus, it is like RPG Dragon said, you’d skip on a easy $200? I guess you’re rich then.

EDIT: Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to convince you to buy the system. I’m just saying that you haven’t really given a good argument for anything

I never said that, I was only pointing out that Halo is a good game.

No you weren’t. You were saying that you wouldn’t buy a 360 at $100 because the XBox only has one good game (Halo).

As predicted, Amazon essentially crashed and I reloaded for 20 minutes only to see that all were sold. Boo.

Same here.