X-play no its no what you think

X-play is a video game review show on g4/tech tv

It’s game time!


I watched it…when I had digital cable. ;____________;

G4 is sucky. At best.

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Actually it was origionally a TechTV show, which makes it only marginally sucky.

And yeah, I like it, it has uttery horrible hosts and it’s cheesy as hell, but that’s what makes it so nonsucky.

Adam Sesler is my mentor and hero

G4 was good only in the beginning when they had Wil Wheaton hosting one of the shows. Since then, it’s sucked. It’s horrible, and being cheesy does not make it any good at all.

I have to agree. The cheesiest was when they took Mitsurugi’s, Cervantes’s and Sophitia’s battle cries and added farts to them.

G4 = MTV style gaming channel on the payroll of EA.

X-Play rox. Lists of suck and rock.




Judgment Day
Electric Playground
Robot Wars
G4 Show Thing

Yeah…more suck than rock. -_-

More comic fun.

Not only I like most G4 shows, it has actually become my “default” channel- the first one I check when I turn on the TV, or the one I leave on if I don’t see anything else more interesting. Hey, I’m as surprised as you.

I started to watch TECHTV just for the Anime, thought some of it (Betterman, Soultaker, etc.) drove me nuts. I think they wanted to show more “edgy” (read: grim, confusing and overblown) Anime than other channels. I DID like Gatekeepers II, tho, and Dual (which was anything but edgy!) and recently, Abenobashi. Oh, and Gad Guard -whatever THAT is- starts tonight. Gonna check it out…

My opinion on other G4 shows:

Judgment Day- I don’t really care about their opinions, I just want to get info about games. Tony Tallarico IS funny, tho.

X-Play: Ohh, aren’t we sarcastic? Still, I like the hosts so I mainly like it. Some of the skits are funny (loved the RPG gamer lambasting!) but most others suck (what’s with the toy rat?)

Icons: Heey, I’m actually LEARNING things here! And getting to know important people in the history of games. The Nobuo Uematsu episode was my favorite! Definitely the best G4 show.

Cinematec: I know most fans DON’T want to see the in-game cinemas until they play the games, but I 'm immune to spoilers, so I don’t mind. I’m glad they are having compilations with a COMMON theme now, tho.

Screen Savers: This is my least favorite show (of the ones I watch). Dunno why, the hosts (and subjects) don’t click with me.

Cheat: I like this only because of the hot chick who hosts it. (Hey, why are some episodes hosted by some nerdy guy? Are those older ones? He he, now THAT guy sounds like a real gamer!)

Filter: I have always liked “Best of” lists, if only to see what other people think. And Diane Mizota is a hottie. (Plus, she acts better than any of the other TTV hosts. Not that that’s saying much. :stuck_out_tongue: )

G-Spot: I watch this for the chicks, I admit it. :stuck_out_tongue:

I never watch:

Arena: I don’t care much to watch other people compete.

Robot Wars: What ‘sport’ people will think of next? Midget tossing? (Oh, wait a minute…)

Sweat: Don’t care about sports.

So yeah, the shows could be MUCH better, but at least I can almost always tune in and find something to watch, unlike every other cable channel here.

Wilfredo Martinez, you are an idiot.

I’m just kidding, man, you’re a real nice guy!
But seriously, you’re a dumbass.

Icons was a pretty good show, actually (and I MISSED the episode on Valve…curses. Maybe they’ll put them all on dvd someday ;.:wink:

Judgement Day sucks. Tommy ruins it. The SOB is so biased.

TechTV isn’t so bad, if it is only because it has Kevin Rose on that one show. Goddamn ‘The Broken’ was cool.