Everyone see it! it was great!

Nightcrawler was great, I like how they added his abilty to blend into shadows. they added everything! it was perfect! I mean they butchered the time line ALOT, but it was still great.

Colossus was in it, that was cool. But I thought when he said “I can help you.” He and wolverine were going to do the Fast-Ball Special. Take out like ten of those soldiers.

I hope Gambit and Kitty get bigger parts in the next one (or any part at all). I hope they get a new girl to play Kitty to, cuz she aint nothing like she should look like.

Also Lockheed would be cool. And hopefully The Dark Phoenix. But that would require the Shi-ar. but they wouldn’t put them in.

Let’s keep it simple. The movie rocked, go see it!

Yeah, they did butcher the timeline. But… it was still awesome!! It’s a separate thing from the comics, and I’m ok with that. They still made an effort to put in alot of cameos. And I’m still ultra impressed by Hugh Jackman. (that’s his name, right?) I think he’s an excellent Wolverine. I liked Kurt too. hugs him I want a Nightcrawler plushie <.<

ooooh… I can’t wait for Phoenix. :smiley:

Yes Hugh Jackman is his name and I think he did a most excellent job. I mean look at all the bodies…:o

Did anyone notice the “cameos” for Gambit, Jubilee and Deathstryke?

The movie rocked, but was the little gilr just there or did she represnt someone from Professor X’s past?

Originally posted by Kraken
Did anyone notice the “cameos” for Gambit, Jubilee and Deathstryke?

Gambit? o_o I didn’t see him. But I noticed Jubilee, Lady Deathstryke (who could’ve had a bigger role, might I add), Beast… Kitty (like Charl mentioned)… umm… maybe others, but I’m too tired to remember. ^^;

Now don’t get me wrong on this one… but how did Wolverine get to be the leader/nost popular of the X-men. When you think about it his powers are not that impressive, even if his fighting skills are. He can heal himself (useful) and has metal blades coming out of his hands. Now we also have people like Storm who can summon hurricanes, that kicks ass. I dont know…

But I do love Wolverine, I just want to make that clear.

Did anyone notice the “cameos” for Gambit, Jubilee and Deathstryke?

I noticed Gambit, Jubilee, Lady Deathstryke, and Beast. I hope at least Beast and Gambit get bigger parts in the next movie.

Wolverine’s popularity comes from his attitude!
Nothing more to add

His healing factor makes him nearly invincible in close combat, plus his “metal” blades are made of adamantium, which is supposed to be unbreakable and slice through anything. And of course, his attitude made him famous and therefore stronger. Another good example of this would be Batman.

guys spoilerize your spoiler OR ELSE. I’m serious about this.

And I noticed Jubilee, Beast and obviously, Deathstryke, but where was Gambit?

The thing is Sinistral, we don’t have the spoiler button anymore

And I’m not even sure if the tags works

Gambit had what I wouldn’t even call a cameo, his name was on strykers list of registered mutants.

And beast was on tv talking about how they should haul in mutants by the truckoads.

And lady deathstrike didn’t have a cameo she had a part. at least she said some stuff. and she probably didn’t even die. she might have had magneto take out the extra adamantium.

And Mastermind probably didn’t die, that stuff falling was just an illusion! Though how he got out of the place before it blew i’m still working on. btw the guy they got to play Mastermind was perfect!

Oh yeah, and i’m just curious, if anyone remembers, now this was way back in the day. Does anyone remember when Cyclops, you know, did stuff? I mean, c’mon, half the stuff he does fucks up what everyone else is trying to do! The train station, the mind controlling thing. THe only thing he’s done is blast sabretooth, and asked wolverine to stay away from his girl! Not that I care, I don’t really like cyke.

I don’t much like the guy they got to play Cyclops. Seems kinda wimpy… I don’t remember him messing stuff up as much in the comics. ^^; Wolverine is obviously the person the directors were focusing on.

But I always thought Jean and Scott were good together, very stable. I liked the Gambit/Rogue relationship better though… but that’s obviously not gonna be brought up. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh. I just remembered one of Deathstryke’s lines. “What are you doing in here?” …Did she have any others? :stuck_out_tongue: I would’ve liked to see her rebel against Stryker and beat the crap out of him. Oh well.

X3 will have Gambit and furry beast, and Ice-Man will die, because everyone hates him, or at least I do, I will kill the guy that plays him, so they’ll have to put gambit in as rogues love interest! But Gambit is an alien, like Longshot! oh well, they can easily make the conversion. without adding lame alien backstories. And theres no way stryker could have copied cerebro, it wasn’t made with magnetos help, it was made by the Shi-ar! another thing X3 has to have is the Morlocks, and maybe QuickSilver, cuz magneto’s starting a new Brother hood of evil mutants. they probably wouldn’t add that Quicksilver’s Magnetos son. edit: also, Pyro will have teh flamethrowers on his arms! R0x00zr0z!

btw Astral, you are the coolest female ever!

oh ho ho, going to see the 10:15 showing tonight. This should be great.

Merl, why haven’t you seen it? You made a thread about it! I’m very disapointed in you! tsk tsk tsk! Anyway, yeah, damn its good! it’s WAY better than the first!

Also, i’m glad they added magnetos ability to take the iron out of peoples blood

I saw the movie this afternoon and it rocked! Just one question because my friend and I were wondering because we don’t follow the comics:

Jean turns into the Phoenix right? That was the meaning of showing the bird underwater right? My friend and I were arguing about it being a bird (phoenix meaning rebirth etc.) and a jet.

Well for those of you wondering for the gambit cameo:

His real name appears on strykers desktop items. His real name being Remy Lebeau. Jubilee was a no-brainer since we already saw her in the first one…