X-Men: Children of the Atom

Does anyone other than me think that this is one of the best Capcom fighters ev0r? I know Mabat likes it…it’s just damn cool. A shame it doesn’t have more characters in it…Gambit was missing, Rogue too, Juggernaut was a NPC…no Nightstryker either…but that stupid Psylocke was there…

Do you get to play as the Silver Samurai? I’ll get this game, since I was gonig to get a new fighter, I was leaning towards Street Fighter Alpha Flight.


Yup. Silver Samurai is there, never heard of him before this game (or Spiral or Psylocke for that matter) but he uses a sword instead of punch/kicking (punch is slash and kick is stab) and he can pull off some nasty combos as well as augment his power.

And Gambit/Rogue are in XMen vs. Street Fighter, but SilverSamurai isn’t.

Whoa … If X2K think’s something is good, I’d better go try it out.

EDIT: Wait, never mind, confusing him with someone else … too tired … probably shouldn’t even post … sounding like Shatner …

well you guys might want to try out Marvel VS Capcom 2. It has 56 characters from both universes ^^

Yeah, but it’s not CPS2, so it doesn’t work in WinKawaks, or any other EMU I’m afraid.

By Nghtstryker you mean Nigtcrawler right?

X:COTA is a pretty fun game, although I generally liked Streetfighter Vs. X-Men better. Iceman was probably my favorite character from COTA, although Silver Samurai DID have some brutal tricks.

And of course, having Akuma as a (fairly random) secret character was definitely pretty cool.

my favorite capcom fighter is super street fighter 2… but cota is cool… i liked the sentinal…

Oh yeah, this is one of my favorite arcade games. I loved Iceman’s Huge ice ball attack and Ice Beam etc. It works for MAME for me so I coudl finally beat Magneto, (He’s so cheap).

I must go check that game out. may favourite at the moment is Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter though :stuck_out_tongue:

Well they do stick COTA in the random arcade so it’s not impossible to find it in real life.

ahh, i remember playing x-men COTA way back when my friend had a sega saturn (now i play it on MaMe sometimes), twas pretty cool, Iceman was one of my favorites. But i think i prefer the Marvel Super Heroes fighting game though

<img src=“http://www.rpgclassics.com/staff/tenchimaru/td.gif”> Eh, I prefer Marvel vs. Capcom. Mainly because CotA is buggy for me, and I’ve never been a huge X-men fan.

Oh, and the Silver Samurai was from an X-Men episode in which Wolverine went back to the village he grew up in, helped around, then kicked the asses of some maffia samurai guys lead by Silver Samurai. Didn’t hear if he got into any other episodes.

I like Marvel VS. Capcom COSH better. But COTA rules. The animations for the endings are lame, though.

Whoa that game brings back old memories…that’s the arcade game with Sentinel, Spiral and other uncommon fighters, right?The only thing I can remember of that game was Wolverine’s Berserker Mirage or something like that…that and Iceman’s big ice ball attack:cool:

No Nightcrawler? Not interested. I’ll take that original X-Men side-scroller arcade game thank you (with Nightcrawler, Cyclops, Wolverine, Colossus, Storm, and Dazzler).

NC is only in the craptacular Mutant Academy if you’re looking for a fighter.

Way to beat Magneto with Cyclops.

Jam him in corner.

Gene Splice him until he dies. It works. I haven’t played CotA in ages though.

CoTa was great! I haven’t played it in at least three years though…

I wanna get MvsC2 just because you can play as freakin Thanos!