Wubba whaaat?! A semi-interesting thread, on the main forum!? NO! it couldnt be!

If you could choose 7 characters from rpgclassics, to join your adventure (only 4 usable at a time of course) Who would they be?

Charlemagne - Vampire Thief with a heart of gold
Dragon Tear - scantily clad love interest, Summoner or shape shifter
Sinistral - Swordsman with ridiculously huge sword
Merlyn - Wizard, duh
TD - obigatory cute animal
X - robot
Weilla - Dominatrix, Undead, whip girl, also you need more than one female in a video game, for like legal purposes.


Wtf?! Azrael !? No noobS!!!

Lady Shadowz
Zhou Yu

Yes. You asked a question and I answered. Az isn’t much a noob anyway.

<img src=“http://www.rpgclassics.com/staff/tenchimaru/td-pony.gif”> Rar.


This reeks of a favouritism contest.

PKT_Paladin - Emotional support.
X - Sheer firepower.
Jing - Dances that’ll attack the enemy with status effects.
Booken - Chibi black mage.
Nulani - Dimension Magic and a massive scythe.
Teran - Archer.
Mabatsekker - Physical fighter.

Of course, I’ll be the white mage.

manus dei
lady shadowz

Mabatsekker - Blue Mage: Well-rounded stats and all-round blue magic gives us this capable performer. Don’t get cocky, it’s gonna get rocky!

Tenchimaru Draconis - Magic User: Demigod. Whatever. We need a person to steal all the frags with Magic Missiles, and he’s the one to do the dirty job. His power comes with a flaw; Pony-ism!

Weiila - Healatrix: So, all of your party is scattered around the grove and she finally gets up from her hiding place, going all “tsk tsk”. You’ll be grateful to have someone to patch you up… or go whip-lash on you if you act like a baka hentai. (Spazzy is absolutely required in a party setup with her.)

Sinistral/Zero - “Swords for everyone!”: Magic is impressive, but when the loudmouth finally bites the dust, swords for everyone. (Hey, if White Mage could equip the masamune in FF1…)

MegamanX2K/Lunaris - “Technologist and Gadgeteer”: Yeah, You need someone to fix your airship with a rubberband and a piece of gum. That 150mm Repeating Multi-Barreled Pulse Railrifle of Absolute Puncturing +6 is also pretty damn handy.

Igatona - Martial Artist: Every party needs a man with deadly hands; Be it with a balalaika (CHING CHING!!) or his fists. May he never go HPx ad infinitum until AHVPx3 on you. Taunts on him, he reverses them to you… with style!

Spazzy/Booken/Jing/HUGMEANDI’LLKILLYOU-Sinistral - “Awww… it’s so cu… AAAAARRRRGGHH!!”: Of course, we need a cute widdle person who seems relatively harmless:Spazzy and his claws/teeth of rage. Booken and his Darkness Nova. Jing and her… stick with a nail in it! HMAIKY-Sinistral: Do we need a comment? Nope!

Weiila: You need a healer sometimes. Besides, that whip hurts. feels his recent whip pains

Jing: She dances. The enemies will be so busy laughing at the fact that dances don’t do shit that everyone else will kill them easily.

Starstorm: It’s practically automatic (Weiila’s in the party, too!). Those cats of his hurt, man.

And then I’d pick four random people. I’m too tired to think right now.

I’d go ‘screw this’ and do the adventure myself, Dragon Warrior 3 style.

But seriously, I’d probably take

Sinistral (Warrior)
Weiila (Healer)
Macc (Goof-off…what?)
Lunaris (Heavy Arms)
Hiei (Jigen Magic/martial art)
Bahamut (Black magic)
And PC Glenton as thief.

Adding me, that’d make eight, damn you seven people party rule.

Heh. I got mentioned. Three times! I’m popular!

Anyways… Lesse… (Is trying to think) Man I have too many people to pick, for good reasons.


Weiila: Healer and love interest. Of course.
Sir Percival: Noble, moralizing paladin. Would be excellent for pathos too if his church was miserably corrupt… just like in every RPG.
TD: Comic relief. Especially with the status effect “Pony/Ponified”.
X: More firepower than God. Simple as that.
Cala or Dragon Tear: Flirts with every other male (or even the females) on the team, hides a lot of god plotty stuff inside. Mwehehehe…

Hmmm still thinking…

And GAAAAAH. You had to remind me of the RPG I wanted to work on, didn’t you?

A pox on this seven person limit… (I’ll try and include some people who haven’t been included yet)

R.P.T. : high-minded swordsman driven to bring justice into the world. [main hero]

Percival: Noble Paladin always down for helping a noble cause.

Sinistral: Why, he’d be the chemist, naturally. :wink: [A chemist armed with swords and an angry disposition? Yep. We defy cliches here…since when did healers have to be soft spoken gentle pushover types? NEVER!]

Nulani: master of the black arts, plus there always needs to be that one “dark” charcter who just seems so cool.

Mazrim: The brilliant old sage (in a teenager’s body) who doubles as an adept fencer.

Faetan: Super accurate sketches that can come to life and/or alter reality (i.e. if she draws a picture of you turning into a bunny, you’ll start turning into a bunny). Just don’t touch her.

Valkyrie Esker: renegade valkyrie with a strange compulsion towards stabbing things with a large spear.

Rountree: I’d be the basic rogue-type guy, but definately the main hero. A semi-perverted flirt, and a little chaotic, but still an all around good guy. Think Locke, not Zidane. I don’t know why, but I hate Zidane, and love Locke.

Sorcerer: The fighter. Especially since it would just be strange to have someone called “Sorcerer” the fighter. :stuck_out_tongue: But his personality fits it.

Astral: White mage, I suppose. I just wanted her in the party so I could have someone to procrastinate with. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sinistral: He’d have to come along if I didn’t want to die for taking his girlfriend on a long and perilous journey. Oddly enough, I’m thinking red mage. Intelligent, but undoubtably aggressive.

DragonTear: Black mage. Trust me.

Gila Monster: Hidden character! The metal thrashing zombie! Hey- nobody said it can’t be a modern day thing. :wink: If it was midaeval, he’d STILL listen to metal, even if it didn’t exist. Lets just say he’d kick ass.

Cala: Second hidden character. Flirt mage. I don’t think this nees more explaining.

I r teh Flirt Mage. ph33r. flirts with enemies wins

UF-Jabricruds - He speaks in a language we don’t, so he might solve a lot of problems by means of diplomacy rather than brawling with the monsters.

Me - I am the master of workarounds, I can take the group out of any trouble. Plus I’m undefeatable in mind related challenges.

Tenchimaru Draconis - It’s useful having someone able to use the Dementation Discipline in the party.

Booken - Every group needs an experient Wizard.

Spazzy - The mascot.

Sir Percival - The tank, I mean, the fearless knight.

Cala - what would be of an RPG party without some boob-shaking hot girl in very tight costume?

Merlyn - Pianist

Da-har :stuck_out_tongue:

Booken - The Lost mage that can’t do anything

Da-har :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey! ;_;