So, I was playing Doom 3 until it crashed. I restart my PC, double-click on my Doom 3 icon, and it says there is no CD, which is odd, because I did put in.

I click on My Computer, and see that my E drive has vanished! What the hell happened? Help me please.

Nevermind, fixed it. Sorry Mods, lock this please

Back to Doom 3 :slight_smile:

Is Doom 3 totally awesome?

It’s pretty good, but hardly as scary as most would claim.

Then again, nothing short of an Alien (from the same named movies) jumping at my FACE tends to surprise me.

A few of the programmers here at work were playing it during lunch so I got a chance to see it in action a little. I have to say that the game looks much nicer than I expected and it seems to load saved games very quickly.

From what I saw, the game seems to be very nasty when it comes to dying instantly. I saw 3 people die at the exact same spot at the exact same time; they were all full and there wasn’t an enemy around, they slipped off a platform and fell to their grizzly deaths.