So I was minding my own business, when suddenly a movie ad goes on TV… SECOND LIFE?! What the fuck?!


In unrelated news… The Day The Earth Stood Still… remade?! I SO gotta go watch that one…

There was no need to remake The Day the Earth Stood Still. There was no need to attach that hallowed name to a movie that appears to have pretty much NOTHING in common with the original. Hell, the new one looks like it could be a decent movie; it just doesn’t looked Day-esque to me.

I’m with The 984 on this one. Nothing I’ve seen for the new adventures of TDtESS has led me to believe that it’s going to be worth watching. Like that rehash of War of the Worlds TDtESS seems to be way too focused on the whole ‘Oh Shit! Aliens!’ aspect and either gloss over or completely miss the point that the original movie made.

Basically every time I see a trailer of TDtESS I keep thinking that I’m looking at the trailer for either the upcoming Star Trek XI movie or the upcoming Transformers 2 movie.

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[i]So I was minding my own business, when suddenly a movie ad goes on TV… SECOND LIFE?! What the fuck?!


That’s nothing compared to the news of Ridley Scott directing the upcoming Monopoly Movie.

War of the Worlds at least had some of the basic, essential aspects of the original story still there, namely the susceptibility to earth diseases. This new Day looks like it may share only Gort’s appearance.

How exactly do you make a movie of Second Life? Boggles the mind, it does.

As for TDtESS: No comment, but assume it’ll be a hit-or-miss movie.

Remakes are the bane of this generation. We need original myth makers, not regurgitation. I’d much rather see a movie paying tribute to a classic by playing with the original theme and ideas, not a redo of a script done in a flashy “modern” manner. I’m probably preaching to the converted though.

I still don’t know the premise of the new TDTESS but it looks from the trailer to be another “Humans suck and must be destroyed” kinda deal. (The original movie had an ANTI-WAR message, which is what made it stand out among the flock of alien invasion movies of its time.) Better Special Effects and Keanu are NOT going to be enough to get me to see it if it’s like that.

Though I do wonder if they’ll use the “Klaatu Barada Nikto!” code phrase, or if they’ll say “Nah, everyone associates that with Army of Darkness now!” :stuck_out_tongue:

MONOPOLY movie??? O_O

Maybe it’s just my palpable hatred for Tom Cruise, but I thought that that was far from making the thing any closer to the original intent. And I didn’t miss the breaching of the aliens’ invincibility by having Cruise BADASSLY destroy one of the with a granade in an EXCITING scene with TERROR, THRILL AND EXPLOSIONS. It just kinda made the whole germ thing an afterthought instead of the shocking, ironic end, especially since you see so little of what is done against the aliens.

I’m too busy being unimpressed by every girl I know liking Twilight to care about either of those movies >_>

He’ll get torn down. Blah blah Citizen Kane greatest movie ever blah blah no need for remake blah blah poverty of vision blah blah bland execution blah blah blah blah

Yeah, I guess that’s a fair point. I hadn’t read the book in quite a few years before seeing the movie, so I didn’t have much to compare it to. I don’t remember the original book having all that much to make a movie off of, so I took some of the liberties as being okay. The grenade scene does seem rather stupid now that I think about it.

Anything having to do with the son was also incredibly weak.

Son:“I wanna join the army!”
Cruise:“No! The army is getting their asses kicked!”
Son:“I wanna join the army!”
Cruise:“No seriously! The army can’t do jack shit to these guys! Give it up!”
Son:“I wanna join the army!”
Cruise:“Are you going to abandon your sister and I?”
Son:“I wanna join the army!”
Cruise:“Fine then. Get lost!”
The Son has joined the army!
Me:“Good riddance!”

The saddest part of that movie was when the son returned to the family unharmed and completely not the wiser from it.

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Ridley Scott directing the upcoming Monopoly Movie.

He’ll get torn down. Blah blah Citizen Kane greatest movie ever blah blah no need for remake blah blah poverty of vision blah blah bland execution blah blah blah blah[/i][/QUOTE]

Wait! There’s an original version? I would definitely like to see that.

Man, no kidding. Every chick and their mom is all the rage about this movie. It looks lame as fuck.

That was SUCH a fucking cop out.

I was joking about Citizen Kane, which is about R. Hearst, a guy who had a good degree of market power, thus fitting one definition of monopoly, back then. I was originally thinking of an Aviator joke, but then I remembered Citizen Kane.

Is it just me, or did the commercials for the “Day the Earth Stood Still” try to make Keanu Reeves seem like he was back in the Matrix?

It’d better have a tie. And it damn well better be red! That’s all I want to see in addition to JCVD and Slumdog Millionaire.

The only thing I curious about the Monopoly movie (aside from how the fuck do you make a movie based on a board game that not Clue?) is who they’re going to get to play the ‘Monopoly Guy’? Seriously, that’s been bugging the crap out of me since I first heard about this movie. I just can’t see anyone playing him very well.

So we’ve covered The Day the Earth Stood Still, a Second Life movie, and a Monopoly movie, and Hollywood still has the gall to blame bad box office revenue on videogames. Amazing.

I could see it as a 1950’s period piece with gangsters and corporations taking control of the city. Or a modern day movie about corporate greed. I wouldn’t want to see it in theatres if it’s either of those ideas, however. It sounds boring. Like playing the game past the half-hour mark.