WTF? Another season of Saved by the Bell?!

I hope this is a joke, but I don’t think it is.

This is what happens when you allow an entire programming block to be created each season by a bunch of folks in a drug-induced stupor. Sometimes it workds (Aqua Teens, Venture Bros.), sometimes it doesn’t (6" (12?) Mouse, that show about the mayor guy). And some times it just all goes to hell.

That guy on by the Bell had a cell phone the size of a walkie talkie.

That’s got to be a joke, no doubt.

Oh, and Aqua Teen worked? Psh, no way.

I’m so excited! I’m so excited! I’m so… I’m so… scared!

Can you seriously say you don’t like the mooninites? I was a Brak Show fan and was meh on Aqua teen until I saw the Mooninites episode and the Frat Aliens one. I became hooked shortly after.

It made me mad when cartoon network started showing non-cartoon movies. I knew showing non-cartoon shows wasn’t far behind. Cartoon Network will be the MTV of the future apparantly. I always did like Saved by the bell, but I don’t watch Cartoon Network to watch 80’s sitcoms!!!

The Mooninites aren’t Aqua Teen Hunger Force; they’re just characters in a few random episodes of Aqua Teen (and only the first episode was all that funny, anyways).

The Mooninites aren’t Aqua Teen Hunger Force; they’re just characters in a few random episodes of Aqua Teen (and only the first Mooninites episode was all that funny, anyways).

The Mooninites aren’t the Aqua Teen Hunger Force?!

Good God man. You’re a genius!

…eh. :expressionless:

OKay, so Saved by the Bell Avatar Week, anyone?

There wouldn’t be enough space for me to show Dustin Diamond fighting Ron Palillo.


MTV stopped showing music, G4 stopped showing gaming/techie stuff, and now Cartoon Network is showing live action crap? C’mon.

When I went to school in Columbia, Missouri (for a term) Dustin Diamond stopped by to do standup. I thought of going to his show, but bashed my head against the wall for an hour to get the same feeling.

Yeah they–wait, G4 stopped showing gaming/techie stuff??? :open_mouth:

Pretty much, yeah. They still show X-Play and Cinematech, but that’s about it. They replaced the GOOD shows with Star Trek (fine show, but they show it on Sci-Fi already), that disgusting Fastlane shit, and other crappy shows.

Wait… they had good shows?

Anyway, the likelyhood of this is pretty slim. Tiffani-Amber Thiessen might come back, since the best thing she’s been able to do lately has been <I>Fastlane</I> (shudder), but Mark-Paul Gosselaar has got a gig on ABC’s <I>Commander-in-Chief</I> with Geena Davis, so I doubt he’d give that up for a chance to “hang out with the gang.”

I’m with everyone else, though, about networks abandoning what they were designed for. GSN (formerly the Game Show Network) is coming back to me, though, as they’re starting to ditch their reality shows and bring in more game shows. Cartoon Network will be missed, though. I recall, as a little kid, being upset that Nickelodeon was ditching the entire late night area for Nick-at-Nite, and then, as I got older, I remember being upset because Nick-at-Nite wasn’t showing old shows anymore, but rather newer crap like Full House and Roseanne that I could see on any other channel.

You know Screech (Dustin Diamond) is the brother of Mike D (Mike Diamond) from the Beastie Boys.

I would be ok with this if they were showing a good live action show like oh I don’t know Pete and Pete!

I’ll have you know i have my DVR record every single episode of Star Trek, except Star Trek 2.0 which is shit.

Tom Goes to the Mayor is comedy gold.