Writing: Characters Speaking Multiple Lanuages and Differecating them

To Put I simply, I writing a story in which Several lanugages are said by the Main characters. I’m Gonna “translate” for it but other than putting “In Language X” most of the time, What alteritves Should I use.

I Should point out that I’ve been requested to produce a vertion in Palmdoc format, which is basicly compressed TXT file. Therefore Alteritive Fonts are not considered very Highly.

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Copys of the story are availtible on request.

Just use;

“[Text],” said [Character], in [Language].

That’s what I always did.

What Pierson said. That works.

I feel that your sugestions going to Slow the action down a bit. I’m looking for an altertive.

Most of the non-engish Stuff is in the first part and I’d like it to be short. (I’ve spilt the book(s) in to 4 books and the First (and also last) Book in to 2 parts).

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Read up to what i wrote a few nights ago (Adobe Acodbat Reader Needed): http://bignutter.superihost.com/part1.pdf

Well there’s not really any other ways you can do it, unless you want to a) put the original language there and provide a translation at the bottom, or b) put the original language sentence there and put te translations in bracks immediately after it, both of wich would be even worse, since you’d be either reading the same sentence twice or making the reader continually scan/look down and back up to read the translations.

Or, you can state it like this:

So and so began to convers in [language].
“[normal dialogue]”
“[normal dialogue]”

Unless you happen to switch back and forth a lot. Then, it might be useful to actually <i>use</i> the language that they’re speaking in, as long as the reader can figure out from context the gist of what the character is saying, in case they don’t know the language.

OK Here’s an Idea, I’m Taking a bit from Chapter 3 and just before a Fight. The language is Made up by me or not (if get my drift). I’m going to use it in book 2 as several Plot points. I think using {these Funny Brackets} in my TXT Files and using Italics for everywhere else.

“{Trey, They expecting me to be fighting Naked!}” Acacia said.

Several Guards Look puzzled at Acacia’s comment.

“Ah, She’ll Drop her cloak and her shorts if you Give me 30 thou…” said Trey.

“Oh boys!! Here!! {You bunch of perverted Morons. Staff please!}” Said Acacia as she posed at the door.

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And goes in to describing the battle and escape.

Excuse I may write a fanfic right? If this has nothing to do with the topic I apologize since I am a noob here.

If you want criticism on a fanfic, start a new thread in the RPGC Media Forum and post it there.

Thank you. I guess.

What I was asking about is NOT a Fan Fiction, since all characters are All my Creation, and I would of proberby got (ahem) Bitch-slapped by Weilla for Posing this in the Media forum.

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This Forum is for Homework Help, Basicly help that Schoolies get top Grades.

Ah… I know. This was already answered. I post fics in the media forum.