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War of Six

Chapter One: The Disovery

The blonde haired girl walked through the stone halls of the Windian Palace. Nina Windia, Princess of the Windian people, paced around impatiently as she awaited news of her father’s return. He’s been gone for fourteen days, and tomorrow was her eighteenth birthday. The guards watched their princess as she walked back and forth in front of the castle gates. Her royal blue dress made her look like a true princess but the look on her face didn’t.

Finally, a shout of the gate guard made her relax a bit. “MAKE WAY FOR THE KING!” he yelled out. Nina’s heard throbbed as she heard the stomps of many horses. She ran up to the gate as it opened and the group of soldiers galloped in.

“Make way for the king!” the first guard shouted. “His majesty has been wounded.” he said to Nina. Fear came across the princess’s face. Her father, hurt? She rushed to the center of the horsemen and found the king sitting on a horse, swaying to the side.

“Father!” Nina cried as she reached up.

The King of Windia layed in the bed. His right side has been cut open from battle. The Queen, Liba, cried softly at his side. Nina stood in front of their bedroom door. Sniffing a little, she cleared her throat and knocked softly on the door. “Come in…” came the queen’s voice. Nina stepped in and walked slowly over to the bed. Her stepmother held the king’s hand in her hands.

“Father?” Nina said softly, setting on the floor next to him. The king turned his head to look at her.

“My dear… princess… Nina…” he said slowly, coughing at the end of his sentence.

“Yes, father. It is I.” Nina replied with a small smile.

“My Nina… I’m sorry I can not be here for your birthday tomorrow…” he said.

"It’s alright father. You’re going to be here tomorrow… " Nina said, taking ahold of his other hand gently squeezing it.

“Now Nina, you’re father needs to rest… run along now…” Liba said. Nina loked at her stepmother. Frowning, the princess stood up, letting go of her father’s hand and walked out of the room. Her mother had died of a cancer and now, her father was going to die as well. She didn’t like her stepmother. Cruel woman she was.

The new queen was only in her mid twenties. She was very skinny and pale skinned. Libe was dressed in a pale pink dress that was slim and tight. Her long, almost grey, blonde hair flowed to the ground. Cold and dark blue eyes flickered at the princess. Queen Liba wasn’t exactly the nicest person around. In fact anytime Nina was around her she’d get bad feelings and all the happiness would drain out of her. Ninas father told her that the reason he married Liba was so that she could have a mother after her birth mom died giving birth. Liba has always hated Nina and didn’t see the princess as nothing but a snotty little princess who was a daddy’s girl. Nina cried softly on her way to her bedroom.

Nina flopped down in her bed. She grapped her pillow and burried her face into it. Her tears were cold as they ran down her cheeks and into the pillow. The Windian Princess layed there for hours, crying her heart out, until finally, she fell asleep.

It was late that night before Nina woke up again. She rubbed her dry eyes and sat up in her bed, moving her feet to the cold stone floor. She yawned a little and got out of bed, walking out of her room. Nina walked down the halls of the palace once again, her feet clapping against the stone flooring. She walked around the cornor to see the guards struggling with someone. The wyndian hide behind the wall and watched them as she heard curses and shouts coming from the two guards and the struggling person.

“Dammit! Hold him still!” yelled the first one.

“I can’t! He’s too strong!” shouted the smaller guard. The struggling one threw his elbow into the rookies chest, making him fall and the larger guard lose his gripped on the struggler. Then, the other guard was put to sleep by a knock out to the neck. Nina looked at who was standing still. He had long blue hair and was about her age. The blue haired warrior clapped his hands together and smiled, pleased. He wore a dark violet cloak that drapped over his shoulders. His black shirt could be seen just a bit as he placed his hands on his hips and stood there, thinking. A brown bag looking thing hanged from his waist, his black pants scruffled at his silver knee pads.

“That’ll teach you a lesson.” the boy said. He pushed his hair back as he looked down at the fallen warriors. “Damn guards… always tring to take you in for no appearent reason.” he mummbled. The blue haired boy walked past the guards and stopped before walking through the doors. Nina breathed heavily, as she knew he must have seen her. She stood as still as possible. “I knew somebody was watching me…” said the boy as he grabbed her hand, pulling her from around the cornor. But he stopped as he noticed it was the princess. “M’lady… I’m sorry… I didn’t…” he gasped, bowing before her.

“Rise boy… you have no reason to bow before me…” Nina said softly. The blue haired warrior looked at her puzzeled.


“No but’s. What are you doing here in the palace?” Nina asked him. He shrugged a bit then answered.

“Those stupid guards claimed I was trespassing in the village. I’m only here from Lord Laon to deliver a message to the king.”

“The king is no longer… alive…” Nina said lowly as she fought back a tear.

“I’m sorry to hear that your highness…” the boy said, bowing his head.

“What is your name and the message you have?”

“My name is Ryu Drasa. I come from the land of Laon with a message from my Lord Laon. He said that ‘War is meaningless and that his people will not help’.” Ryu told her. War? Was that why he took so many men with him when he went to Logon? Her father told her nothing about a war.

“What do you mean by ‘war’?” Nina asked.

“Well, m’lady, the six kingdoms started a war just yesterday. Did his majesty not tell you, your highness?” Ryu told her.

“No… he didn’t…” Nina said breathlessly. War? The six kingdoms was going to war? But, why? “Can you tell me why, we’re going to war?”

“Well, rumor has it that there is a secret power deep within the earth. The Six Kingdoms are figthing to discover that power… but I think it’s ridiclous and so does my Lordship.” Ryu answered her.

“Well, I’ll have to talk to my stepmother. Please, come with me…” Nina said as she turned around and started walking. Ryu followed behind her. She didn’t understand it. Why would her father start a war without telling her? Why did he start a war in the first place? The king was never power hungry or greedy. He was a righteous man with a great sense of care. But why would he just all the sudden start some war over a rumor?

The two walked through the halls and into the throne room where the the king’s adviser sat down in the chair and looked through the paperwork.

“Why m’lady… what are you doing up so late and with… this commoner?” he looked up at the two.

“Bages, this is Ryu Drasa from the Laon Kingdom. He’s come with a message from his king that his kingdom will not go to war. Explain this to me…” Nina said as she appoarched his desk. Bages was a pethic little man. His glasses sat on the end of his nose as he looked at them, strands of grey hair cover his eyes.

“Why, m’lady, your father, the king, has issued war against the lands of Worsin… that is all…” Bages asnwered rather nervously.

“That is not the only kingdom… the lands of Motes, Shades, and Waves are at war.” Ryu spoke.

“But why have five of the six kingdoms gone to war Bages?” Nina asked again.

“Why, a disagreement between the kings have come…” Bages answered.

“And what disagreement is that?”

“That is none of your business Princess Nina.” Liba said as she walked into the throne room. Nina gave her stepmother a cold glare. “Now run off Princess, and go back to your land sir Ryu.” Liba told them. Nina turned around and grabed Ryu’s arm, pulling him out of the throne room.

“I need to know what’s going on. I don’t trust my stepmother… she’s always been behind my father’s back doing stuff she’s not supose to. take me with you. After my father’s death, I think she has something planned.” Nina whispered to Ryu.

“What? Are you conspising against your mother?” Ryu said.

“Stepmother. I just don’t trust the woman. She’s always hanging around people who my father doesn’t trust. Will you help me?” Nina looked at him.

“Well, I don’t know if I really should…”

“Please sir Ryu.”

“Alright, but don’t call me ‘sir’, just call me Ryu.” Ryu gave her a smile.

“Thanks Ryu! You can call me Nina.” Nina said, smiling back.

“Ok, get somethings and meet me at the front gate. See you in a bit.” Ryu told her. She nodded and rushed off to her bedroom. When Nina walked into her room, she closed the door and grabed a backpack and stuffed some clothing into it. She changed into a light brown skirt and shirt held together by a black belt. The Princess walked over to her closet and pulled out a dark colored cloak and wrapped it around her shoulders. Nina walked out of her room, carefully slipping by any of the guards and walked outside to the front gate. There, she met Ryu.

“Ok, I’m ready…” Nina said to him.

“Ok… come on.” Ryu said as the gates opened, letting them leave. But just as they walked out, two of the gate guards walked up to them. The princess quickly flipperd her hood on so they wouldn’t recognize her.

“Excuse me, but tell me who you are and where you’re going.” the one on the right asked.

“I am Ryu Drasa of Laon. I am going back to my homeland to tell my Lord the news.” Ryu answered striaght out.

“Ok… you may pass.” the guards said as they stepped aside, letting the two walked by. Nina let go of her breath as they walked into the town.

Chapter two: The way there…

Ryu and Nina stopped by the item shop and weaponary before continuing their journey. The warrior that Nina had just met that night bought some supplies and a staff for Nina. The Princess had the best of skills in magic, though she hardly ever had a chance to use them seeing as how her father kept her inside the palace at all times. The only times she had to practice was against the guards and her teacher. Even then she couldn’t use the best of her abilities against them. Nina smiled as she held her new staff in her hands and watched as Ryu wrapped his cloak around himself.

“That is a very special rod. One made of Oaklin wood, but not just any wood. Oaklin wood is a metallic type of wood. Best in it’s kind.” Ryu told her, giving her a cheery smile.

“Thank you… this is my first staff…” Nina gasped as her Oaklin staff shined in the sunlight. The princess smiled brightly and waved it in the air. Ryu watched her when his attention was caught by a set of guards coming torwads them.

“Shit, come on Nina… if you want to get out of here then lets get going.” Ryu said calmly as he took ahold of her hand. Ryu walked through the people who were now just waking up as the sun rised above the roof tops. They pushed through the now busy streets and walked through the town gate.

Nina had never ben outside the town before, it was breath taking whenever she saw the valley and green grass. Sure she has seen flowers and birds before but not as free as this. The princess had a smile that explained all of her feelings. Freedom, joy and hyperness. “Wow…” she said under her breath.

“Haven’t you ever been outside Nina?” Ryu noticed her amazment.

“No… I’ve been in the town before but never outside the gates.” Nina said. Ryu smiled a bit as she bent down and picked a daisy lion. She sniffed it and smiled even more.

“Well, we better get moving otherwise the guards will catch up to us.” Ryu said.

Nina and Ryu walked through the ankle deep grass. The princess didn’t speak much but instead, she ran around and sometimes got ahead of Ryu. She would beg him to hurry up but he would only laugh softly and continue walking. By the time the sun had set, Nina had calmed down a bit and felt weak in the knees.

“I guess you’re not always this hyper, are you?” Ryu said with a smile.

“You can’t be hyper in the palace… it’s not lady like.” Nina told him as she walked slowly behind Ryu.

“Ok, we’ll set camp in a few minutes.”

The sun had disappeared behind the horizon and the moon was just coming up. Nina sat by the fire while Ryu sat up the tent for her. Once the tent was up, Ryu sat down in front of the fire across from Nina. “So tell me, why did you want to come with me?” he asked her.

“Well, I wanted to find out what was happening with the other kingdoms. I know my step mother is up to no good.” Nina paused for a minute, she looked up from the fire at him. “Why did you let me come with you?”

“I thought you needed to know what was going on. I mean, future queen you are and you do have a right to know.” Ryu told her with a small shrug.

“Thank you.”

“No problem Nina.”

“Can you tell me about the kingdoms? I’ve only heard of the Worsin Kingdom. What are the other’s?” Nina asked him, having a childish look of curiosity on her face.

“The Kingdom of Motes is where the Foxmen, Oxmen and other mountian or earth creature live. That kingdom is ruled by Lord Gray. Waves Kingdom is of the fairies, merpeople and other natural earth thing. All of which is ruled by two kings, King Loga and King Dal. The kingdom of Shades is a dark kingdom. We won’t be going that way. Your kingdom, Wyndia is of the wyndians and humans. The lands of Laon is a very far away place. I’ve traveled for many days just to deliver that message.” Ryu told her.

“Oh… can you tell me what your land is?”


“Please? I promise I won’t say anything bad about it.”

“Ok… the lands of Laon is of the dragon clan. Our kingdom is ruled by Lord Laon, son of our dragon God, Ladon. He’s been in ruling since way before I was born.” Ryu told her. She was silent that made him nervous. “You don’t have to travel with me.”

“No, that’s ok. I want to go with you. I think it’s ok that your a dragon.” Nina said as she looked into his eyes. But it was strange, wasn’t his green eyes supose to be dragonic? They looked human to her.

Ryu smiled. “Ok Nina. We best get some sleep. Got a long day ahead of us.” Ryu said as he turned around, laying down on his side.

“Night Ryu.” Nina said. She looked up at the star filled sky. The princess just remember she was eighteen. She put her hands to her face and rubbed her eyes. Nina stood up and walked to the tent where she crawled in and curled up, using her cloak as a blanket.

Nina was awaken by a small muffled noise from outside. She opened her eyes and yawned. Nina sat up and rubbed her eyes and crawled out of the tent on her knees. “What’s going on?” she asked Ryu.

“Oh, just cooking breakfest. Morning.” Ryu said as he shook his hand. “Damn crab…” the dragon boy had caught a few crabs and one was still alive. Appearently, it clawed his fingers before Ryu could kill it.

“Morning…” Nina said still yawning.

“Crab’s for breakfest, you ever had a crab before?” Ryu asked her, as he handed Nina a small plate with a good size crab.

“No… I haven’t.” Nina said as she looked down at the freshly cooked crab.

“Well, you take the shell off and you eat the meat inside. Like this.” Ryu said as he pilled the shell off of his cooked crab and showed her the meat. “Just like that.”

“Okay…” Nina did exactly what Ryu did.

“There you go.” he smiled as he took some of the meat and cramed it into his mouth. Nina giggled a bit and eat small bites of the crab. The two ate their meals in peace before Ryu stood up and packed the tent back into his backpack. Nina casted a spell of ice to put the fire out. Then, the two continued walking through the field.

The sun was high above their heads but the cool breeze kept the two from over heating. “Say Nina, how come you don’t have your wings?”


“Your wings, how come you don’t have any?”

“Oh, my mother, my real mother, was human… my father, the King of Windian, didn’t have his wings. But a myth has it that an angel will fall from the sky and have beauitful bird wings.” Nina told him.

“Hm… I’ve never heard of that myth.” Ryu said as he shrugged. He tripped and fell over a rock in the middle of the road. Nina laughed a bit as a few cruses went with him.

“Heh, you ok?” Nina asked him as she held a hand out to help him up. Ryu took her hand and stood back up.

“Yeah, I’m fine.” he said as he brushed the dirt off his black pants. Then they continued walking.

“You know what? For a dragon, you’re pretty clumsy…” Nina said.


“You’re pretty clumsy.” Nina repeated.

“Well… nevermind.” Ryu shruged and continued walking. Nina stopped and watched him. She then skipped a little before jumping on his back, making the two fall to the ground. “Shit!” Ryu shouted as he fell forward and landed face first in the dirt with Nina on his back.

“There!” Nina smiled and sat ontop of the dragon.



Ryu smiled before flipping the girl off his back and pinning her to the ground. “I win.” Nina’s cheeks puffed up and blushed a little. Ryu stood up and pulled her off the ground. “We should be in Sinter Woods by dark.” he said as they continued walking.


Chapter three: Ryu is Ryu, Nina is Nina

The change of senary finally came. Birds were now chipping loudly and the wind blew through the grass and trees as the two appoarched Sinter forest. “We better becareful in these woods. The trees have an ability to talk. Whatever you don’t, don’t talk back to them. They have a smart mouth and will easily decive you.” Ryu told Nina as they walked into the forest. Nina nodded and noticed the look of caution on the dragon boys face.

After a day of traveling with him, she’s gotten to know him a little bit. Nina noted to herself that anytime he didn’t speak meant that he was happy and the smile on his face would bring her hopes up. She also noticed that anytime there was a small sound, his hand would grip his sword handle and pull it out just a little before checking what it was. To her, Ryu seemed like a great guy with great skills. Earlier during the day they got attacked by a big blue Beak and he showed some impressive skills against it. Ryu had lots of pride in his eyes, she could tell by the look he made when they fought it. But yet… he was very clumsy and very jumpy.

Nina was a quiet girl herself. But sometimes, she couldn’t sit still and had to do something. Rather it was working somewhere in the palace of playing around with the guards, Nina was almost always hyper. Though so childish all the time, She had a great sense of justice and what was right. She claimed once to her father that she would unite the six kingdoms when she would be queen. But her father only laughed and told her that it could never be done. In a way, Nina herself had some pride in her too. She wanted to prove her father wrong about that, maybe that was her ambition to travel with Ryu…

“It’s possible we might run into some Slime or Goo Kings here… so be on guard.” she heard Ryu say.

“Oh, right.” the princess nodded in agreement. Ryu smiled a bit before putting his hand on his sword helt. His smile looked more like a dare to anyone who challenged him. Nina gripped her staff tightly in her hand and continued walking side by side to Ryu. The sound of thier walking could be the only thing heard and it made Nina almost nervous. Why was she nervous? Was she expecting something to just pop up and attack them? Wait… was that a…? Tree?

Nina’s eyes caught something ahead of her. She readed a spell, only releasing it on Ryu’s command. He must’ve seen it too because he stopped dead in his tracks. The dragonic warrior slowly unsleathed his sword, pulling it vertically in front of him. “Be careful… move slowly…” Ryu whispered to her. She nodded and moved one foot after the other just like him. The thing moved even more as they moved. The dragon held his hand out to stop Nina from moving. The princess looked at him, readying her spell.

Finally, a small plant looking thing jumped out of the bushes. Nina glanced at Ryu and noticed he lowered his sword and dropped his guard. She cautiously stopped her spell and lowered her staff as well. “Ryu, what is that?” Nina asked him.

“It’s a tree spirit…” he answered with a smile. Many more tree spirits dropped down and landed on the ground in front of them. They were very small and ghostly looking creatures. Each had it’s own type of leaf. “Don’t worry, they’ll just follow us.” the dragon boy continued walking, putting his sword away. Nina walked next to him, she watched as the little tree things followed them, tring to keep up on their short little legs. it was a funny site to see whenever one would fall the other’s would circle around it and then disappear. One tree spirit dropped ontop of Ryu’s head and sat there until he came up to a low tree branch.

The trip through the enchanted forest was an interesting travel. Nina looked around the forest in curiosity and wonder as they walked. The trees were different from many other’s that she had seen and the feeling she got… it was incredible! An undescrible feeling that sent her into wonder and fansination. She then heard a loud thud and looked at Ryu. He appearently fell to the ground, tripping over a tree spirit. “You clut…” the princess teased. Ryu groaned a bit before standing back up, pushing his long blue hair back over his shoulder and wipped his pants off.

“Yeah yeah… so I’m a clut…” he said, admitingly. “But hey, there is no other swordsman who can beat my skills.” Ryu said with a smirk. Nina giggled a bit.

“Cause you trip over them the whole time.” she continued the tease.

“Hehe, not exactly…”

“Right…” she giggled some more. Ryu couldn’t help but laugh out loud. He knew she was playing around and it made him feel good to know she kidded with him. To him, it was just like a best friend… but she was special, how he couldn’t tell. Ryu got lost in his thoughts and tripped again, making Nina brust out into a fit of laughter.

“Not funny!”

Liba walked down the palace halls. Her dark blonde hair waved behind her as she did. She wore a fansy dress that looked horrible with her pale skin and was tight around her skinny body. Libas eyes had a feel that sent a fear into anyone’s heart. The queen was very angry because she had just been informed that Nina was missing. As pissed off as she was, she tried keeping calm once walking into the training room and saw the guards all lined up, waiting for her punishments.

“Who let her past the gates?” Liba asked as calmly as she could.

“It was us your majesty.” said a guard. Two of the soldiers stepped forward.

“Explain…” Liba demanded almost bone chillingly.

“Your majesty, they were wearing cloaks, the princess… she-” he was cut off by the queen slapping his face.

“Idioits! GO and find her now!” Liba shouted. She stormed out of the room and back down the hall ways.

Ryu and Nina cotninued walking through the root barren path of the woods. The princess could hear the dragon humming a beauitful tune but she wasn’t sure what song it was, but it made her relax and feel better. “Good, we’re almost out…” Ryu spoke suddenly.

“How can you tell?” Nina asked him.

“The sun is starting to shine through the treetops… it means that we’re getting close to the edge of the forest.” he told her. Nina looked up and could now see the sun through the tree’s. The little tree spirits had disappeared and now and Nina felt tired again. “We’ll be out in a little while…” Ryu said as though he read her mind.

Before either of them took another step forward, vine like things wrapped around their ankle, pulling them off the ground. “Woah!” Nina gasped.

“What’s going on Ryu?!” she asked him.

“A Walles!” he answered.

“A what?”

“Walles, trees that can walk and talk, enchanted by fairy dust.”

“What does human’s be doing in the forest?” boomed a deep, rough sounding voice.

“We’re just passing through.” Ryu asnwered.

“Trespassing you are!” said that voice again.

“No we’re not! We need to travel through the forest to get to Worsin!” Ryu shouted.

“Please sir! Let us go.” Nina begged. The branches to the tree moved them over so he could see them. They could see a wrinkled up, old man looking kind of face.

“Human girl, what is your name? And your’s too Boy.” The tree asked.

“Nina.” Nina answered.

“Ryu.” Ryu said.

“You’re Ryu.” The tree said, looking at Nina. “And you’re Nina.” he looked at Ryu.

“No no no no. I’m Ryu.” Ryu corrected him.

“And I’m Nina.”

“You’re Ryu? And you’re Nina? Sorry, I’m so old I mix things up so easily.” the tree apologised.

“that’s ok mister… what’s your name?” Nina asked.

“My name is Evergreen.” he answered.

“Ok… um… Evergreen, can you put us down?” Ryu asked, starting to turn red from the blood flowing down into his face.

“Oh, sorry…” Evergreen placed the two on the ground.

“It’s ok…” Nina said.

“Can you tell us the quickest way out of here?” Ryu asked.

“The fastest way out of the woods? Hmm… I don’t remember…” Evergreen told them.

“Can you try to remember, please?” Nina asked.

“I’ll try…”

“Well, best to remeber quick… I smell trouble…” Ryu said as he looked around, sniffing the air.

“I remember it being this way… or was it this way?” Evergreen mummbled.

Suddenly, a huge massive explosion cam from nearby. Ryu snapped his head in the direction of the blast and jerked to the right, pushing Nina behind Evergreen. He looked around the huge talking tree to see a girl jump from another big blast. ‘Sis?’ he thought as she took out a sword and deflected a huge fireball.

“Dammit!” the girl shouted. She hopped again, jumping backwards and landed on her butt. “Grr… stupid Creus!” She charged up a lighting bolt and casted it at something. Finally, the noises stopped and the girl stood in the path, putting her sword away.

“Sis? Is that you?” Ryu said as he came from behind the tree. The girl looked at him and smiled brightly.

“Bro!” She screamed and ran to him, grabbing him in a bone crushing hug.

“Agh… sis, let go… you’re crushing me…” Ryu breathed. She released him and smiled childishly. Nina came from behind Evergreen and saw the young girl standing there with Ryu. The girl had long brown hair and black chest armor. She wore small shorts and had knee pads on her knees. Her eyes were a bright blue and showed great joy. “Nina, meet my little sister, Rain. Rain, this is Nina.” Ryu introduced them.

“Hello!” Rain said, grabing Nina’s hand and shaking it to make the princess lose her balance.

“Um… nice to meet you…” Nina said, tring to regain her composer.

War of Six :smiley:

I love that fic. It’s the main reason I added you to my fav authors list :smiley:

Very impressive. I really should check other parts of ff.net, instead of just reading Legacy of Kain parodies until improper hours. ^^;

Cool fic…:cool:

Oh and… It’s Wyndia… not Windia…:ulty:

thank you. :slight_smile: Me feel better now…

Oh, but in BoF 4 it’s spelt Wyndia… which is it…?

Windia… or Wyndia… they confussed me on that. >_< WhAT IS THE DIFFERENCE!!!

First of all, we all get Writer’s Block sooner or later. Sometimes you can overcome it if you go and read a lot of new, good stuff on the subject (including other people’s fics.) Sometimes, however, the only thing you can do is wait. So, if you find you can’t finish one story, then start working on another. At least that way, you make good use of your free time.

Second, I hadn’t seen this story (if you posted it before, I missed it.) Pretty good, CC, there are even very few errors this time! Oh, and each BoF has NO relation to the others, so if this a BoF 0ne fic, it doesn’t matter how Windia is spelled in #4.

I still think that you should start a new paragraph EVERY time you change the subject (for example, if you have both Ryu and Nina acting in the same paragraph, start a new one every time you shift from one to the other. The paragraphs don’t need to be separated by a space, however.)
That’s just MY opinion, of course.
:cool: Good work, and keep going.