Wozz up?

This is also a statement.


So, uh, what exactly is this game? I’ve never heard of it.

It’s a SNES RPG, light-hearted. I’ve only played a little bit so far, so I haven’t run into some of the main features yet and can’t give you a full review.

I just really, really needed to make the topic what it was, you understand.

Understandable. I’ll have to try this one if I can be arsed to track down a ROM, it does look neat.

I can’t seem to get the patched rom to work no matter what I try. I’m kinda annoyed at it.

I think it has a header, because after I tried removing a header through NRST and then patched the ROM using IPSWin, it worked. It took me like half an hour to figure that out though >_>

I don’t know what your problem is SG, I patched it and it ran fine. I was using the most recent WIP version of Zsnes though.

Yes, some ROMs need the header romoved. I’m using good 'ol ZSNES version 1.36 (or 1.42, can’t remember) and it works just fine besides a display bug where the damage in combat pops up behind a sprite instead of in front. Apparently that might not be the case in the newer ZSNESes.

Double post.