…just… wow. o_o;

Holy shit o_O

Holy shit on a stick. O.O

Whoa…that’s kinda sad.

“Kinda” my ass. >.<

How many people must be shot all to hell before the stupidity is at an acceptible level? I ask you.

At least 1% of the people surveyed must have intentionally lied. That is the only explanation for some of these things. I refuse to believe people are that stupid.

At least our kids know how to read a map.

I didn’t realize anyone here aside from DN had kids, sorc :stuck_out_tongue:

I am slightly disturbed by this… but honestly, it is within what I expect. It is hard to, when mass media is bombarding you with incorrect facts, remember reality. Though, some of those things could also be blamed on denial. Like the people who don’t believe Hitler was real could be a side effect of the people who don’t believe, refuse to believe, the holocost happened.

On the upside, atleast noone in that study thought the earth was the center of solar system XD;


about 5.89 billion.

Wow. I expected better from England. But then again they do have a good sense of humour, I bet a lot of the people that were asked were joking. Or atleast some. HOPEFULLY. Fuck that’s horrible.

Battlestar Galactica , the defeat of humanity by cyborgs - 1 per cent

Yeah, I don’t believe in polls like that. It reminds me of sending polls to high school kids. A lot of them fill them out with fake answers just for laughs.

Just read the events that people think took place and it’s not hard to think these people might have just been doing this for laughs.

heh… They must’ve been joking… come on… Battle of Endor?

They just say its a face to face survey of 2000 people. There HAD to be something weird going on with this survey, such as:

Was is certain that people saw all the movies mentioned in the survey?

I mean, some of these people would have to be either guessing blindly, or just goofing around.

King Arthur was an interesting question though. The actualy king Arthur didn’t exhist, but was most likely based on a Celtic Cheiftan, whoes name probly differed from Arthur, and was deffinatly not a Christian.

If this is what its like in Britain, I’d hate to see it done in The USA.

War of the Worlds , Martian invasion - 6 per cent

Americans are worse than this, when this was broadcast over radio in America people evacuated the cities.

drops down laughing in a fetal position

That… just…hurts.

Please tell me that this is a joke. PLEASE tell me that it’s a joke.

Okay, if anyone says Americans are stupid from now on, point them to this article.